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  • 2. Ronnie Sandoval in Vans' Take it Back

    Ronnie's first part after returning from a horrific injury doesn't disappoint! Anyone who thought he might take it a little more easily for a while afterwards was wrong (myself included) - a question from Thrasher's accompanying interview highlights this fact somewhat...

    When the doctor said you could start skating again, what was it like stepping on your board? What was the first session like?
    I skated to Peck Park and the first thing I wanted to do was the trick that broke my knee. I had a knee brace, kind of a knee protection over my patella. Everyone was kinda tripping. I didn’t say hi to anybody; I just had my headphones on. I dropped in, did a couple grinds, did the backside air, left and went home. That was the first time I stepped on my board. That’s all I was thinking about: I gotta do this trick that took me out.

    My first thought upon re-watching the part to write this, after seeing Ronnie inside the currently disused Channel Street DIY, was how good a current Ronnie Sandoval part filmed exclusively there could be, hopefully it won't be too long before we can find that out with the news that the San Pedro DIY park will reopen soon!

    A lengthy first line at Lower Bobs sets the intent for the part - hitting walls backside before a quick crooked grind over the central hip before ending in a blasted boneless hangup. The line is incredibly well follow-filmed, which is a running theme throughout the part be it through diy parks, pools or skateparks. 

    Throughout the part, Ronnie hits up a variety of terrain including diy parks, vert ramps, various pools and even a couple of street spots, culminating in taking his signature crailslide to ridiculous levels at a well documented, but never crailslid, bank to rail spot.

    His last ten tricks in the part, the last ten in the whole video, need to be seen to be believed so I won't spoil them here, just go ahead and watch the part if you somehow haven't already and be amazed, again.

    All this after an incredible Pedro Barros part...