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  • Thistle Do

    Chris Pope's full-length edit from a recent Scotland trip featuring Roz, Brendan Watson, Dead Dave, James Foster and Sox hitting up Hurworth, Newcastle, Glasgow, Livi and a load more spots! 

  • Anthony McSorley in Homework Skateboards’ Hiatus

    Homework published Anthony McSorley’s excellent part from Hiatus!

  • Euan Lawson’s Liquid Boards Edit

    Euan Lawson’s edit from the last year as part of Focus’ Focus Futures initiative. Filmed (mostly) by Alan Wlodarski, edited by Euan himself.

  • Nothing but a Lost Camera | Hangup TBT

    For this week's throwback we've got an Alex Craig filmed treat in the form of Nothing but a Lost Camera - a Scottish Skateboard adventure mid-2000s. 

    Intended as the first filming trip for Nike's Nothing But The Truth with Chet Childress, unfortunately the NTSC camera arrived broken so Alex Craig had to resort to a PAL back up. Featuring Div, Snowy, Stu Graham and more.


  • The Scottish Heatwave Trip | Vans UK

    A dope set of the Vans UK crew headed around Scotland as they shot an article for North, here's the resulting edit - The Queens Park vert ramp footage is insane!

    Featuring: Manhead, Ben Broyd, Ross McGouran, Saul Crumlish, Aaron Wilmot, Chris Oliver, and Paul Watson.

  • Hangup Zine 2 | Aaron Wilmot and Saul Crumlish

    Aaron Wilmot interviewed by Saul Crumlish

    Aaron Body Jars at Livi. Photo: Russ Hall

    Saul: Right, where do you usually skate, and who do you mostly skate with?

    Aaron: Living in Glasgow, so nearby I've got Kelvin groove, it's sick there. Usually skate with David Cosmo (Adam Paris), Rupert Dogman (Ruari), Small (Saul), Freddy, Shezz and Dunder. There are so many shreds in Glasgow so anywhere you go you can get a session.

    S: For sure it's a sick crew! If you could go anywhere with your skateboard where would it be?

    A: Japan! I heard some stories of it's crazy streets and DIY that's been built there, I think there's talk of a trip there with a UK crew. I'd like to build something out there as well and they do have some sick parks.

    S: That sounds sick, DIY spots have been popping up everywhere! 

    Dog Piss at Inverkeithing. Photo: Russ Hall

    A: Ruari has actually built a concrete skatepark in Edinburgh, it's legit. Stoked on it and what he's doing for the scene there. Type skate jail into Youtube and watch 45 minutes of the best shit ever!

    S: Yeah I've still not been through, need to get a sesh there! Seen the edit, crazy! What's your favourite / go to trick?

    A: Hand turns and airs... as many as I can get. Hanging up and making it, probably the best one.

    S: Definitely! Those are the best ones! The ones where you nearly died but stuck it anyway! Finally, anyone helping you out and getting you stoked?

    A: Haha word. Stu at Lovenskate for boards and Rock Solid for trucks, big love for Manhead for the shoes. Thanks to Ruari and Paris for being the most vicious people too.

    Saul Crumlish Interviewed by Aaron Wilmot

    Saul Frontside Airs at Saughton. Photo: Russ Hall

     Right mate I got you! First Question, how long you been skating for and how did you get into it?

    Saul: About four years and my dad got me into it!

    A: So your dad's been taking you skating with him since you were young that's sick. Where's some of the best places you've skated?

    S: Probably Fælledparken in Copenhagen, Stappel (Malmo) and La Kantera in Bilbao! Endless lines and rad crews!

    A: I've been to them all, they are gnarly and loads of fun for a crew. Who you been skating with recently and who's killing it?

    S: Well, just back from Copenhagen so was skating with Viggie, Rasmus, William, Chris and all those boys. They rip! 

    Frontside Nosegrind at Saughton. Photo: Russ Hall

    A: What's Glasgow's crew and vibes like for you? You getting juiced from skating with people like Adam Paris and Freddie Lusk?

    S: Yeah man Glasgow's crew is sick and everyone's killing it right now, but there's not that much transition to skate, there's only one vert ramp (if you're counting QPVR) and Kaos just closed which is gonna suck for the Winter...

    A: Word, we need vert! Safe fella any folk you want to thank for anything? 

    S: Cheers Shiner for hooking us up with boards and wheels, Volcom for some gear now and again, Manhead for hooking us up with Vans, Dave and Perry at Pyramid and my family for always being supportive and taking me places! 

  • Chris Baillie Footage | Renfrew, Livi, backyard ramps etc

    Chris Baillie sent over this rad footage of him from the last year or two around Scotland! Fakie bigflip over a spine?

    Here's Chris a few years ago in Whitley Bay, shot by Johnny Haynes. Heelblock on the wall is no joke!

    Chris Baillie, Heelblock

    Chris Baillie, Pivot Fakie

  • Inverkeithing Skatepark with Youngo, Aaron Wilmot, Russ Hall and Ruari

    Great edit from Instagram user @gustoe, from the excellent looking Inverkeithing in Fife. Featuring Aaron Wilmot, Ruari Britee-steer, Russ Hall, Youngo and more!