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  • 10. Zach Riley and Sam Murgatroyd in Blips

    When I realised that the two guys I was most looking forward to seeing in the video had a shared part, I was initially disappointed. Watching the part though, it makes sense to group these two together - both skate everything and have great, unique styles.

    The transition footage is placed on an equal standing throughout the part, with no park section and minimal black and white footage (and even then the b/w footage is used throughout the video for intros etc)

    Early on in the part is a great section at Tottenham where both bring a new approach and possible nbd’s to the spot (Zach’s lipslide transfer, Sam’s bluntslide to fakie over the doorway and one foot frontside pivot).

    Sam is the more technical throughout, heelflipping out of Tailslides, a couple of great manual rolls, road gap Nollie 360 flip. Probably our favourite clip in the part is his switch front blunt at the venerable Gateshead quarter pipe spot, riding out through the pothole at the base of the ramp, switch.

    Zach looks out of control in the best way possible, hitting various wallrides and non-spots. At one point slash grinding a transitioned car park wall on the run up to the actual trick as though it was an afterthought. Performs an incredible bluntslide at Livi down the escalator…

  • Blips - Cover Version

    Free published Kevin Parrott and Dan Magee's excellent new video Cover Version. Sam Murgatroyd and Zach Riley's part is incredible, as is Conor Charleson's all wallie part...

    Featuring; Harry Lintell, Korahn Gayle, Manny Lopez, Charlie Munro, Carlos Cardenosa, Jak Pietryga, Zach Riley, Sam Murgatroyd and Conor Charleson.

    Make sure to pick up a hard copy through your local or The Palomino.

    Read Zach's interview with us here.