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  • Baghead 3 Trailer

    Here’s the first trailer for Forde Brookfields Baghead 3 - more from Forde and Deerman in the next zine!

    Baghead Crew are very proud to present their third full length video offering "BAGHEAD 3" aimed for a late 2019 worldwide release. We will be releasing part two of the trailer mid/late 2019 which will include the rest of the crew who are also working on full length video parts.

    Featuring the skateboarding of Deer Man of Dark Woods, Alex Hallford, Pete Jamieson, Mike Simons, Joe Hinson, Cameron Linford, Jim Spencer, Jazz Wade and Samuel North.

    Also featured are Stan Byrne, Kris Vile, Celio Santos, ACAB Carron, Ryan Guinn and Ryan Wright (legend status).

    Alongside Joe Fleming, Shred Roe, Dominic Padgett, Jed Taylor, Cyrus Roberts, Big Boy and many more (currently not featured in the trailer).

    Filmed and Edited by Forde Brookfield.

    In association with Bob Rockfield Worldwide Cinema.