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  • Life o Lev II

    Levi Hinkley's recent footage , filmed around Essex, London, Malmo and Copenhagen featuring too many heads to mention! Some great footage from the Malmo Vans Park Series leg and Wonderland...

  • 8. David Stenstrom and Oskar Rozenberg in Polar's We Blew it at Some Point

    David Stenstrom and Oskar Rozenberg’s shared part in Polar’s We Blew it at Some Point harks back to the first Polar videos with two of its original riders. The two exist in a funny place within the video with their mix of transition / diy (using some of Stenstrom’s footage in black and white whilst also acknowledging Oski’s Stappel trick as the best in the video) and street skating as Polar looks to assert itself as a more traditional company with a more mainstream / Supreme inspired video and the inclusion of more street-based riders.

    In my mind, the part proper begins with a wallride jam session at the now-venerable TBS DIY spot in Malmo, before leading in to a few well-chosen tricks from David Stenstrom at home in Stockholm (Backside Boneless wall plant…). More DIY worship follows with appearances from Shin Sanbongi and Andrew Wilson before Stenstrom and Oski share some clips at an amazing looking street tranny spot, followed by that one trick of Oski's…

    Watch from 7:28.

  • Skate Nottingham in Malmö

    Skate Nottingham headed to Malmo with three of their King Edward Skatepark comp winners for the Skate Malmo Street 2018 jams a few weeks ago. Head to through the link to see Tom Quigley's in-depth recap of the event, with Vic Camilleri, Kevin Harris and Kaii Gunn in front of the lens and Tom and Dan O'Neill behind the photos and video respectively.

    The crew sessioned three specially created courses from Rich Holland, Alexis Sablone and Søren Enevoldsen + Steppe Side amongst other things throughout the days they were there, so you know there's going to be plenty of eye fodder for you!

    Kaii Gunn Kickflips. Photo: Tom Quigley.

  • Vans Park Series Malmo Finals Highlights 2018

    Here’s the official finals highlights, with Oskar Rozenberg, Clay Kreiner, Pedro Barros, Tristan Rennie, Karl Berglind and more...

  • Vans Park Series Malmo Results + Winning Runs

    Reigning VPS World Champion Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
    and Jordyn Barratt Claim Victory in Malmö, Sweden
    - 2018 VPS Global Challenger Men and Women Rankings Established; Coveted Invites Secured
    - Tristan Rennie and Sakura Yosozumi Rank #1 in 2018 VPS Global Challenger Rankings
    - 2018 VPS Europa Continental Champions Simon Karlsson and Amelia Brodka Advance to 2018 VPS World Championships in China
    Malmö, SWEDEN (September 8, 2018)  The finale of the 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour in Malmö, Sweden capped off with a dramatic ending, coming down to the final run of the day to declare Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (SWE) as the Men’s event winner. Rising up from last place to first, Hallberg’s spontaneous creativity shocked the field, as he landed a series of difficult tricks, including a mind-blowing kickflip over the center piece to stake his claim in front of his hometown. Hallberg achieves his first-ever Pro Tour event victory at Kroksbäck Skatepark, representing his home turf with pride and joy.
    Humble as ever, Hallberg remarks on his final winning run, “I got lucky. I’m just so happy. This is insane. Everyone I know is watching, and somehow, I made it. I’m so thankful everyone had my back. This is incredible. Thank you.”

    In 2nd place, tour challenger Clay Kreiner (USA) brought the heat for his first VPS podium appearance, launching huge 540s in every run, and clinching on to the highest score of the day until Hallberg swooped in at the 11th hour. Kreiner’s 2nd place finish secures his invite to the VPS World Championships. Pedro Barros (BRA) skated with power and precision to earn 3rd place.

    VPS Select Pro and seasoned veteran of the tour, Jordyn Barratt (USA) also celebrates her first-ever Pro Tour event victory, attacking the Kroksbäck Skatepark with speed and power. Today’s win is especially significant for the Hawaiian native, as she’s overcome several injuries this year to finally earn 1st place on the VPS podium today.
    “This is so rewarding. I’ve wanted to win the Vans Park Series ever since it started,” winner Jordyn Barratt said. “After this, I’m even more motivated and really looking forward to China. The stakes are high and I want to keep doing better and better.”

    Kisa Nakamura (JPN) maintains her podium streak, finding her flow early on, mixing technical lines throughout the course to finish in 2ndplace. And sneaking her way into 3rd place to bump Sakura Yosozumi (JPN) out of the running, former world champ Brighton Zeuner (USA)re-emerged after a rough start, landing a complete final run with a variety of tricks.
    The 2018 Vans Park Series World Championships will take place on October 27 in China, hosting the series elite Select Pros, VPS Continental Champions and top-ranking tour challengers at the final stop of the season to crown the new 2018 park terrain skateboarding world champions.Visit for event details, tour highlights, confirmed riders and more.
    2018 VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Sweden Finals
    1. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (SWE)
    2. Clay Kreiner (USA)
    3. Pedro Barros (BRA)
    2018 Women’s Pro Tour, Sweden Finals
    1. Jordyn Barratt (USA)
    2. Kisa Nakamura (JPN)
    3. Brighton Zeuner (USA)
    1. Simon Karlsson (SWE)
    2. Herman Moller (SWE) 
    3. Sam Beckett (GBR)
    1. Amelia Brodka (POL)
    2. Lilly Stoephasius (GER)
    3. Shani Bru (FRA)
    In its third consecutive year featured on the Vans Park Series Pro tour, the custom VPS-certified Kroksbäck Skatepark’s exemplary design continues to inspire the top-ranking pros and challengers to be fast and creative, with judges focusing on speed, flow and amplitude throughout the course. With a plethora of hips, grinds, walls, a huge center island, and a monster bank, Vans Park Series salutes yet another incredible show of park terrain skating for fans across the globe. Watch the VPS Malmö replay at
  • Vans Park Series Returns to Malmö’s Kroksbäck Skatepark, 7-8th of September

    Vans Park Series Returns to Malmö’s Kroksbäck Skatepark:
    The World’s First VPS-Certified Park Terrain Legacy Construction
    The Greatest Park Terrain Skateboarding Pros Reunite in Malmö, Sweden
    for Penultimate Championships Battle on September 7-8
    - Full Malmö schedule announced including VPS Women’s Pro Tour Open Qualifiers and VPS Europa Continental Championships

    - Top-Ranking 
    2018 Global Tour Challengers Seize Final Opportunity to Earn Invites to VPS World Championships in China
    Sweden – Saturday, September 8, 12PM GMT+2
    Hong Kong – Saturday, September 8, 6PM HKT
    Sydney – Saturday, September 8, 8PM AEST
    New York – Saturday, September 8, 6AM EDT
    Los Angeles – Saturday, September 8, 3AM PDT
    Sao Paulo — Saturday, September 8, 7AM GMT-3
    Current Men’s Park Terrain World Champion Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg at the 2017 VPS Sweden Event
    Credit: Anthony Acosta
    With only one stop left before the highly anticipated 2018 Vans Park Series World Championships in China this fall, the stakes are at an all-time high as the final qualifying rounds of the official park terrain skateboarding competition series are set to commence at the historic Kroksbäck Skatepark in Malmö, Sweden on September 7-8. The 2018 VPS Pro Tour, Sweden finals will be broadcasted live for free on ETN and
    As the most pivotal stop on the tour this season, the Malmö outcome will decide the final top-ranking 2018 Tour Challengers to earn the coveted invite to compete at the VPS World Championships in China on October 27, while continuing to expand the open path for prospective women’s challengers to prove their ranks and advance into the pro tour circuit.
    The world’s greatest park terrain skateboarding pros will return to Vans Park Series’ first-ever premier built-to-spec park terrain legacy construction, donated by Vans in 2016 to the community of Malmö for their progressive support of the city’s youth through civic skateboard programming and activities. Pros from around the world are expected to compete, including #1 ranked tour challengers Roman Pabich (USA) and Sakura Yosozumi (JPN), along with Select Pros Pedro Barros (BRA), Tom Schaar (USA), 2017 Sweden event winner Alex Sorgente (USA), and defending world champ and local hero Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg (SWE). In the women’s division, current world champion Nora Vasconcellos (USA) and Select Pro Lizzie Armanto (USA) hunt for their first podium placements of the season, whileBrighton Zeuner (USA) defends her ranks against eager tour challengers.
    In addition, the 2018 VPS Europa Continental Championships will host its second year in Sweden, showcasing aspiring regional men and women talent in pursuit of glory in their backyard and a chance to compete in the VPS World Championships this fall. The yet to be crowned Europa Continental Champions from the men and women’s divisions will be seeded directly into the World Championships to join Select Pros and advancing Tour Challengers.
    Vans Park Series Sweden Schedule
    Thursday, September 6
    10am GMT - VPS Europa Continental Championships Men and Women
    Friday, September 7
    11am GMT - VPS Women’s Pro Tour, Prelims and Semi-Finals
    3pm GMT - VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Prelims
    Saturday, September 8
    12pm GMT - VPS Women’s Pro Tour, Finals
    1pm GMT - VPS Men’s Pro Tour, Semi-Finals + Finals
    In its third consecutive year featured on the Vans Park Series Pro tour, the custom VPS-certified Kroksbäck Skatepark’s exemplary design will test the top-ranking pros and challengers to be fast and creative, with judges focusing on speed, flow and amplitude throughout the course. With a plethora of hips, grinds, walls, a huge center island, and a monster bank, the pros are slated to land another incredible show of park terrain skating for all fans across the globe to witness. Stay tuned to for the latest updates.
  • Malmo Trip | Hangup TBT

    Connor Stokes' Nosegrind from the Shred the North edit reminded me of Dave Apomah's front board battle in Copenhagen, so here they are alongside each other!

    Be sure to pick up a zine featuring the midlands trip here if you haven't already!

  • Malmo to Copenhagen | Trannies

    The latest clip in Ride's Trannies series sees a heavy American crew see to parks around Malmo + the concrete bit of Wonderland - Kowalski's tricks there are amazing! Featuring Kevin Kowalski, CJ Collins, Tristan Rennie, Willy Lara, Roman Pabich and more. Filmed by Josh Henderson.

  • Vans Park Series Malmo Highlights

    Here's the highlights from last weekend's Vans Park Series Malmo stop!

    Featuring Cory Juneau, Roman Pabich, Cody Lockwood, Murilo Peres, Josh Borden, Keegan Palmer, Zion Wright, Vincent Matheron, Ben Hatchell, Trey Wood, Raven Tershy, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Grant Taylor, Chris Russell, Willy Lara, Tristan Rennie, Kevin Kowalski, CJ Collins, Pedro Barros, Daan Van Der Linden, Ishod Wair, Karl Berglind,Tom Schaar and Alex Sorgente.

  • Vert Attack 11 This Weekend! | Pixels Vert Attack X Clip

    The best vert comp is back for another year this weekend, here's the flyer -

    Here's Pixels' amazing edit from last year's warm up sessions, some amazing Chris Russell footage in it - check the shuffle line starting at 1:07!

  • Moment in Malmo | Ry Beres | W/ Sandoval, Ishod, The Pabich's, D Varg and more

    Rad as ever edit from Rye Beres, with a load of heads skating Stappelbadsparken, Malmo. With Cedric Pabich, Roman Pabich, Daniel Vargas, Ronnie Sandoval, Ishod Wair, Cody Chapman, Kalle Berglind and Herman Moller

  • Hangup Clip 014: Malmo Trip

    Reup-ed Haunting Skateboards edit from our 2011 trip to Malmo / CPH. Featuring Dave Apomah, Blinky, Ben Footitt, Tom Bramley, Dean Greensmith, Ryan Hurt, Joe Howard, Becky Jaques, Felix Parker and Daryl Nobbs.

    Check our full gallery from the trip here -

    Follow Hangup -

  • Record: Malmo Trip

    During the Summer of 2011 a big crew of dudes from around the country headed to Malmo intending to sample some of it's DIY and a couple of parks! What we were met with was a lot of rain, several trips to CPH to wait out said rain, a couple of trips to Bryggeriet, followed by some rushing around to skate as much of the DIY and parks as possible on the couple of dry days we had! The crew was Dave Apomah, Blinky, Ben Footitt, Tom Bramley, Dean Greensmith, Ryan Hurt, Joe Howard, Becky Jaques, Felix Parker and Daryl Nobbs.

    Blinky | Front Blunt | CPH

    Ben Footitt | Backside Bluntslide | CPH

    Ben Footitt | Backside Wallride | Malmo

    Ben Footitt | Backside Wallride | Malmo

    Ben Footitt | Backside Air | CPH

    Blinky | Backside Boneless | CPH

    Daryl Nobbs | Frontside Air | Hullet

    Joe Howard | Frontside Invert | Hullet

    Joe Howard | Frontside Invert | Hullet

    Dave and Joe post-Bryggeriet session

    Stappelbadsparken | Malmo

    Joe Howard | Mute | Stappelbadsparken, Malmo

    Tom Bramley | Rock Fakie | Stappelbadsparken, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Lipslide | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Steppe Side, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Frontside Smith | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Frontside Ollie Transfer | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Frontside Grind | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Frontside Disaster Backside Revert | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Texas Plant | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Lien Air | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Madonna | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Daryl Nobbs | Nosepick | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Daryl Nobbs | Frontside Air | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Kickflip | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Backside Boneless | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Backside Smith | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Backside Air | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Thruster | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Ollie Blunt | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Blinky | Frontside Grind | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Blinky | Frontside Grind | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Follow Hangup -




  • Review: Polar Vid

    As I'd written a previous piece on my favourite parts of the two Polar promos, and what I'd like to see in the full-length, I thought I'd write a review now I've given it a couple of watches.

    One of the first things I noticed during the introduction and then throughout the video, is the heavy use of black and white footage of skateparks (see intro Stapelbaddsparken section). Initially I thought this a culprit of the skatepark footage is second rate mentality seen in some videos but through watching the whole thing I think it's more to do with aesthetics. Stappel, which is plain concrete, is in black and white during the intro, but Sibbarp and the Deaner which have sections of bright colour are in colour. Exceptions to this are Hullet (plain and in colour), the original Steppeside section (colourful but in black and white, as part of the statue section) and street DIY.

    David Stenstrom Crailslides as part of the Carhartt WIP X Polar Skate Co. Ad Campaign, shot by Nils Svensson

    The soundtrack to the video is largely electronic music that reminds me of Terminator 2, or Alex Cameron (as heard on the recent Josh Pall pro part), and goes really well with the graphics throughout the video.

    Speaking of the graphics, there's a wide range of them throughout, ranging from dude's Mary Poppins-ing around the screen before ending up stuck in a tree to balls of light in pitch black forests to what can only be described as happy sad bat signals. These remind of Alien Workshop's output, particularly Mindfield with the frequent splashes of colour, but move past this largely due to more use of a flat graphical form.

    The dedicated DIY sections are a high point, both the original + newer Steppe Side builds have their own sections, with the newer Steppe Side being particularly great. Some of the tricks over the doorway + no flat bottom bowl are amazing. Sheffields own now defunct DIY even has a little section (in black and white). 

    That thing is gnarly

    I was disappointed with a couple of minor things in the video; Oski's Wallride between two of the Leeds Uni banks appears to be done to flat rather than back into the bank, although I'm sure this is just me being super critical and rewinding too much... Plus it's more than made up for by the sheer gnarliness of the Kingpin Cover, which has one of the best shots for me in the entire film. As you can tell from the cover, the sculpture being noseblunted is surrounded by buildings, and while Oski is doing the trick this is the case. Following this however is a shot of the sculpture surrounded by countryside. So either there's an identical sculpture somewhere in the country, or someone has impeccable photoshop skills! I know which I'd prefer! 

    Oski Wallrides in Leeds, shot by Sam Ashley for Sidewalk

    Oski shot by DVL for Kingpin

    Another thing I was disappointed by was Oski having an all street section. He has plenty of tranny footage scattered throughout the film, but I would have preferred to see at least some of that used in his section, especially the Stapel backside nosebluntslide!

    The only other bad point I can come up with is the prevalence (two examples, presumeably on purpose) of the dreaded Noseslide Shuvit, one by Hjalte, one by Pontus. Hopefully this is a trolling ploy by the guys to make the trick into the next shuvit flip! And if so, this goes on the good points pile!
    Overall, this is definitely a must purchase, especially due to how rare physical full-lengths are getting! Some real thought has gone into the packaging, you get a couple of postcard sized prints along with it too, photographs in Pontus' signature style. And I haven't even mentioned Kevin Rodrigues' part! He's completed the wallride game...
  • Sam Beckett Pro Recap + Protec Welcome Clip with Rune Glifberg

    Couple of edits featuring Sam Beckett here, the first one being his surprise pro board session featuring Julien Benoliel, Sox, Jono Coote, Alex Hallford and Sam Beckett himself. Alex Hallford's lines in particular are great.

    Then we have Sam and Rune Glifberg's Welcome to Protec edit, shot in Copenhagen and Malmo. Watching Rune skate the oververt wall at Fælledparken is insane. Backside Ollie out the top?!

    Here's a photo of Rune I shot at CPH Pro back in 2012.