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  • An Ode to the Works Skatepark

    With the upcoming jam at the resurgent LS-Ten skatepark (formerly The Works), we've published a photo recap alongside an unseen bowl session edit from last year.

    Edit features; Joe Howard, Jordan Kaye, Ben Moulson, Sami, Avid and Harley.

    Gallery features; Ben Broyd, Arbel Samsonov, Kyle Leeper, Joe Howard, Duncan Philp, Bruce, Martyn Hill and Jono Coote. View the gallery here.

  • The Works Friday Night Session 30/11/18

    A heavy crew turned up at The Works last Friday for a bowl session and Chris Pope was there to film it! Featuring Ben Broyd, Sox, Brendan Watson, Dead Dave, Blinky, Joe Howard, Josh Rose and Aiden Blaymire. See below for a few photos from the night shot by Paul Graham.

    Ben Broyd, Invert.

    Sox, Lipslide.

    Joe Howard, Beanplant.

    Ben Broyd, Backside Air.

    Chris Pope.

  • The Weekenders | RIP Sidewalk

    My favourite moment whilst shooting for Sidewalk was getting the chance to shoot for one of their Weekenders articles. This basically meant gathering up my friends for the weekend and heading down to Grantham to skate the surrounding areas. Check out the results through the photo below! Featuring Dean Greensmith, Blinky, Ben Footitt, Joe Howard, Jono Coote, Chippy, Craig Brittain, Tom Bramley, and Watko.

  • Joe Howard Welcome to Blast Skates

    Vague released Joe Howard's Welcome to Blast Skates edit, also featuring Dean Greensmith, Lee Rozee, Foz and Blinky. Filmed by Chris Pope.

    Head over to Vague to view Reece Leung's gallery of the sessions here.

  • Joe Howard's Interview and Video Part | Hangup TBT

    For this week's throwback we've got links to Joe's interview with us from back in Hangup Zine 1, as well as the (mainly) Chris Pope-filmed part we filmed to accompany it's original online release! Check out both by clicking the image / video below!

    Joe Frontside Inverts at Boom | Photo: Paul Graham

  • Dean Greensmith D & G Edit | Chris Pope

    Chris Pope re-edited some recent footage of Dean Greensmith, blasting an Indy like that out the Works extension isn’t possible! Also featuring Martyn Hill, Joe Howard and Brendan Watson.

  • Wild Claims - UK Antihero Crew in Greece | Pixels

    Div Adam and the UK Antihero crew of Seb Tabe and Joe Howard headed over to Greece to skate the Blue Enigma Bowl and this is what they came back with! Filmed by Alan Glass.

  • Works Bowl Session | Cosmic Chunder

    Heavy sesh in the new Works bowl with Brendan Watson, Joe Howard, Nathan Wood, Harley, James Foster and Dean Greensmith (Indy / Nose Manny!).

    #8.75 from Cosmic Chunder on Vimeo.

  • Hangup 017: Dustbowl RIP

    With the demise of the Nottingham DIY spot last week, we thought it a good time to upload the last of our footage from another sadly gone DIY, the Dustbowl in Leeds. 

    Featuring Laurie O'Hara, Doug McLaughlan, Dave Tyson, Dean Greensmith, Chris Pope, Josh Rose, Tom Brown, Nathan Wood and Joe Howard. 

  • Battle of Hastings 2017 | Sidewalk Magazine

    Sidewalk have an excellent video / photo / word recap of the Battle of Hastings event that took place over the weekend, click here for the full thing!

    Jake Collins Nosegrinds over the hip, shot by Chris Johnson

  • Hangup Zine 2 | Gallery

    With the release of Hangup Zine issue 3 fast approaching, we'll be publishing the remaining stuff from issue 2, starting today with the gallery section!

    Featuring Sherburt Dipdab, Joe Howard, Andrew Dellas, Benson, Blinky, Jordan Thackeray and Philippe Da Rosa, with photos from Craig Dodds, Paul Graham, Paul Jackson and Monkeyglove Matt!

    Click the link below for the full thing!

  • Skater Owned Skateparks | The House Skatepark

    Hi guys, could you give us a little history of the park?

    While we opened officially as The House in 1998, this skatepark is technically House 4, the last in a line of DIY indoor parks we'd been knocking together in our spare time with any materials we could scrounge. These parks were in derelict buildings around Sheffield, but sooner or later we'd get caught or they'd get dismantled, so this time around we decided to do things properly. We started the park with support from the Prince's Youth Business Trust on just £5,000 figuring if we build it, they will come. Thankfully, they did, and now we're older – but not necessarily wiser - than a lot of our park users.

    As one of, if not the, longest running skater-owned skateparks in the country, do you have any particular advice on keeping a park running for so long?

    Do whatever is necessary to make it happen, that's fundamental. We try to keep moving forward and keep things fresh. Because we build the ramps ourselves we're constantly updating the park to meet customer needs and stop it getting stale. But we also recognise we're part of a bigger local scene, and we do what we can to support skating in Sheffield, because if the scene slips so do we. We try and get involved in events happening in the community, help out local skaters when we can, and generally keep the vibe going because skating should be fun.

    Ben Broyd Frontside Airs for Hosoi at the Halloween Jam 2015 

    You have a real cheap entry fee into the park, how / why do you keep it so cheap?

    Our business plan was basically make some ramps and go skate them. We never expected to be skatepark millionaires, which is lucky really because there have been times when taking a wage just isn't an option. When we started there weren't many outdoor parks locally; now there's several, so if you hit people too hard they'll go somewhere they can skate for free. We have a small staff, and we keep costs down by doing our own building and repairs, and we recycle a lot of our materials. Wood gets thrown away when it's too small or too wrecked to be usable. Everything that needs doing down there we do ourselves, and that saves a lot of money.

    Could you talk us through the process of getting the DIY bowl built? I imagine it was a mammoth task, and with Sheffield having a predominantly street-oriented scene, what was the thinking behind it?

    Our landlord had a spare unit going, so we thought why not do something ridiculous? Indoor concrete is still pretty rare in the UK, but it's becoming normalised in places like the US, so we thought we'd try and raise our game. Scene stalwart Joe 90 had experience in building concrete bowls and the unit was standing empty, so we reckoned a few months would do it. In fact it took nearly a year of insanely hard work, helped by local skaters who pitched in their time for nothing to make it happen.

    Sheffield has a solid street scene because there's so many good spots, but now we have customers who love transitions and come down to use the bowl, especially the older guys (like me). It's a bit of a cliché in skating but when you get too old to throw yourself down things you start skating transitions.

    Joe Howard Frontside Feebles around the corner.


    You guys seem to rep a few lesser seen brands in your shop, particularly Consolidated, one of my personal favourites. Is it important to you to support similar brands?

    We're a skater-owned park, we've always said support skater owned and we mean it. We back the Don't Do It campaign to keep big business out of skateboarding and keep it in the hands of those who know and love it. That includes stocking smaller companies who care about skating rather than seeing it as a cash cow, like some global sports companies do. We've been friends with Consolidated for years, they make great boards and have good ethics, I was so stoked to be able to collaborate with them on a House / Consolidated board.

    Could you tell us a bit about the annual House comp? It's one of the last-standing major UK comps right? How do you keep it so well attended each year?

    The comp's been running annually since 2002 – the first winner was Scott Palmer - and we always look forward to it. We started it as a bit of fun, really, and one thing that makes it so successful, I think, is that we've never taken it too seriously. If you start taking skating seriously then you're missing the point. While the prize pot's grown in recent years, we've tried to hold on to the original feel of the comp as a day when skaters can get together, watch some skating, maybe win some shiny new stuff, and just hang out and have a laugh. That said, every year we try and introduce something different to shake things up, from 'King of the Stairs' to the Wheel of Fortune trick generator. Last year we live-streamed it for the first time; people were watching it from all over the world, which was slightly surreal. This year? We'll see what we come up with.

    Bruce airs into his Tailblock...

    What would you say is the biggest challenge you've faced since running the park?

    Keeping things on a level while not sacrificing the ideals and principles we set the place up with. Keeping the place relevant is always a challenge, especially as you're getting a bit older and all the kids seem to be asking for is foam pits and resi ramps. Not getting disheartened on a hot July afternoon when you've only seen two customers all day and hoping you can hold the place together until winter when you're needed. And knowing you'll never skate as well again as you did in your twenties and you can't land half of what you used to.

    Finally, to end on a positive, what's the best thing about running a skatepark?

    I get to be my own boss, I get to go out and skate still, I get to watch kids who turn up at The House with their mum and dad progress to the point where they're skating for a living. And you still get a buzz when you get to watch someone do something that really shouldn't be possible, and know you've played a small part in helping them achieve that by knocking that ramp together.

    Blinky Mute Grabs with the standard face...

  • Skater Owned Skateparks: Xsite Skatepark, Skegness

    Having localised a variety of West Yorkshire skateparks over the past 15 years, I've seen first hand the benefit of skater-owned skateparks. Increasingly becoming a rarity in the UK, even more so than Skater-owned Shops (!) and with the recent demise of Frontside Gardens and Empire, we decided to begin this series celebrating the rarity that is the skater-owned skatepark! 

    I got in contact with a couple of skatepark owners to discuss the ins and outs of running a skatepark in 2017. First up is a few questions with Lee from Xsite Skatepark, Skegness! 

    Footitt goes bank to wall the hard way!

    Hi guys, could you start off with a little history of your park?

    We set up in 2000 as a group of Skaters and BMXers who were fed up of having nowhere to skate.  We never dreamed of having anything like what we have now, we just wanted somewhere to skate without all of the hassle. We managed to get support from a couple of local councillors and the local development officer and it all snowballed from there. We set up Lincolnshire Extreme Sports Association, a registered Charity and non profit organisation and began applying for funding from Sport England and the like. Finally the funding came in and we were able to get the skatepark built. Massive mentions need to be made to Nick Bray who was part of the group from day one and without his drive and commitment none of this would be here now, hope you’re enjoying the Aussie sunshine now you’ve emigrated!!!  

    Having been open for just over 10 years, and seen multiple changes including the outdoor plaza being built, wind turbine going in to subsidise energy use, and the 2013 refit of the indoor park, what's been the most rewarding thing to get done?

    The most rewarding part was actually opening, and still being open today!  No one thought we would get a skatepark, never mind staying open for so long.

    How much of a pull for people has the miniramp been? For a long time it was (and still is) one of the best in the country! 

    The miniramp still is one of the best for sure and we still try to hold the UK Mini Ramp Champs here every year.  Due to a lack of financial support from sponsors last year we have had to have a year out, but we are planning to hold it again this year bigger and better.  If anyone is keen to support the event, get in touch!

    Ryan Hurt Backside Airs at the 2013 Miniramp Champs


    What would you say is the biggest challenge you've faced since running the park?

    The biggest challenge by far is keeping the doors open!  We rely on people coming through the door and paying to skate.  We are not backed by a big company or business man who bails us out.  We are a small group who have to pay bills and rents just to stay open.  We know the struggles of skater owned parks and stores and it’s never good to see one close. 


    Finally, what's the best thing about running a skatepark?

    The best thing is seeing everyone skate, whether just for a session in an afternoon or when everyone comes together for an event.  Seeing everyone  from a kid coming for the first time or a rad dad getting back into it after a few years out its all the same.

    Joe Howard Inverts at a Christmas Lock In where Blinky dressed as a snowman, and Jono Coote as a sexy elf...

    Visit the Xsite website 

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    If you're involved with a skater-owned skatepark and would like to be featured, please get in touch at any of the below places!

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  • Hangup Clip 014: Malmo Trip

    Reup-ed Haunting Skateboards edit from our 2011 trip to Malmo / CPH. Featuring Dave Apomah, Blinky, Ben Footitt, Tom Bramley, Dean Greensmith, Ryan Hurt, Joe Howard, Becky Jaques, Felix Parker and Daryl Nobbs.

    Check our full gallery from the trip here -

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  • Record: Malmo Trip

    During the Summer of 2011 a big crew of dudes from around the country headed to Malmo intending to sample some of it's DIY and a couple of parks! What we were met with was a lot of rain, several trips to CPH to wait out said rain, a couple of trips to Bryggeriet, followed by some rushing around to skate as much of the DIY and parks as possible on the couple of dry days we had! The crew was Dave Apomah, Blinky, Ben Footitt, Tom Bramley, Dean Greensmith, Ryan Hurt, Joe Howard, Becky Jaques, Felix Parker and Daryl Nobbs.

    Blinky | Front Blunt | CPH

    Ben Footitt | Backside Bluntslide | CPH

    Ben Footitt | Backside Wallride | Malmo

    Ben Footitt | Backside Wallride | Malmo

    Ben Footitt | Backside Air | CPH

    Blinky | Backside Boneless | CPH

    Daryl Nobbs | Frontside Air | Hullet

    Joe Howard | Frontside Invert | Hullet

    Joe Howard | Frontside Invert | Hullet

    Dave and Joe post-Bryggeriet session

    Stappelbadsparken | Malmo

    Joe Howard | Mute | Stappelbadsparken, Malmo

    Tom Bramley | Rock Fakie | Stappelbadsparken, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Lipslide | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Steppe Side, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Frontside Smith | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Frontside Ollie Transfer | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Frontside Grind | Steppe Side, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Frontside Disaster Backside Revert | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Texas Plant | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Lien Air | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Madonna | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Daryl Nobbs | Nosepick | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Daryl Nobbs | Frontside Air | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Kickflip | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Backside Boneless | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Ryan Hurt | Backside Smith | Sibbarp, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Backside Air | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Joe Howard | Thruster | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Dean Greensmith | Ollie Blunt | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Blinky | Frontside Grind | Bryggeriet, Malmo

    Blinky | Frontside Grind | Bryggeriet, Malmo

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  • Hangup 012: Joe Howard in Yorkshire (and a little Lancs)

    Here's Joe around some Yorkshire and Lancashire haunts, set to The Cro-Mags just because... 

    Check out Joe's interview from Hangup Zine Issue 1 here!

    Guest tricks - Dean Greensmith 

    Song: Cro-Mags - Malfunction 

    Filmed by Paul Graham and Chris Pope

  • Hangup Zine 1: Joe Howard on UK Parks, DIY, Trick Choice and Trips

    Thruster at a mythical private vert ramp that noone ever skated, Newcastle. Photo: Paul Graham

    Hello pal where are you and what you been up to?

    Rolling with the boys in the city of dreams! 

    How many nicknames do you actually have?

    Nicknames, I’ve never been nicknamed... Chesney, Smokey Joe, Snoop, Yoggins, Voldemort? Howard the Lad... 

    How do you decide on tricks to learn? You’ve got quite an obscure trick selection...

    Haha I dunno. We constantly learn off one another and progress as skateboarders to whatever feels comfortable. I’m happy to hit the deck hard a couple of times to get some of that but as far as tricks go, there’s only one way up to that coping. Would be good to skate everyday like it was your last.

    Continuing the onslaught on the sketchiest vert ramps in the North, Frontside Invert at Upton. Photo: Paul Graham

    You’ve recently started working for a skatepark building company, how’d that come about and what does it involve?

    I’ve worked with concrete for the last few years, originally with cast stone and mould work which is a totally different warzone to skatepark building. I started twerking about with D.I.Y. and making coping too, that’s hella fun. We’ve got a spot in Leeds a group of us have been working on (The Dustbowl), it’s a cushty place to get dirty and learn how to graft to skate different things. Get down, get involved. 

    Favourite UK skateparks and why?

    That’s a hard one they’re all half assed at the moment! I dig Hebden when the river rats ain’t in the pool. The House bowl always holds down a heavy session too. Stockwell will always be my all time favourite UK park, for characters, homies and speed trains. Gotta throw the Deaner in there too for the external wall madness and some downhill shit. Hyde Park is on a similar level to Stockwell, good scene of fellas on the deck up there, but the parks a bit outdated, so it’s all about the Dustbowl now. If you build it they will come.

    Favourite Mad Snoz story from The Ripped skatepark?

    A crate of eggs and a couple of kilos of fl our to his face one night that was pretty geared up, the night of the deathmatch I think. He must have stocked up and just wanted to get caked up proper. He used to run the maddest jams, I was down for all the Jacobs cracker eating comps, no watered down ting. 

    Joe throws a Lien on the hardest thing possible at Thornes Park,Wakefield. Photo: Paul Graham

    You just finished another extension down the Dustbowl DIY, what’s next on the agenda?

    Just keep building, got a hip and pump track on the go, get some more flow to the joint. Hopefully get down Needleside this summer and build some new shit down there too. 

    Top 3 Video parts? 

    Cardiel Anti Hero - Cow 

    Mike Conroy Reason for Living 

    Eric Dressen Troops of Tomorrow 

    Worst Trick ever?

    They’re all bad for you, we have a disease.

    Judo to Fakie at Manchester’s premier purpose built fullpipe. Photo: Paul Graham

    Bagged yourself a few of the old sponsors now, who hooks you up?

    Antihero UK represent, Spitfire Wheels, Welcome Skatestore, Hoax Socks 

    Worst trip you’ve been on?

    Indy UK trip, I bust my ankle on the first stop (Lien Disaster Blackpool pool), Livingston A & E, nine months later operation sorted it out. I’m good now but was unruly watching all the boys shred the rest of the tour leg up - I’m hyped for the next traipse! 

    Best place to camp?

    The Highlands, freeman laws the hills are yours.

    Frontside Ollie at Saffron Walden's Concrete Wonder. Photo: Josh Rose

    Cover of Hangup Zine 1, Joe Madonna blocks on Gateshead's brilliant brick banks. Photo: Paul Graham

    Hard fought wallie up to Andy Roy, Leeds. Photo: Paul Graham

    Joe tanked it up to this never been done Texas. Photo: Paul Graham

  • Hangup Zine Issue 2 Out Now!

    Issue two of Hangup Zine is available now! This issue features;

    • An interview with Jack Kenward, one of the dudes behind the Outback DIY at Empire Skatepark,
    • An interview with artist Jack Hamilton,
    • Photo galleries from Sam Hutchinson and Tom Bailey, 
    • Aaron Wilmot and Saul Crumlish interviewing each other,
    • A gallery featuring Philippe da Rosa, Sherburt Dipdab, Joe Howard, Blinky, Andrew Dellas and Jordan Thackeray!

    Contributors are Monkeyglove Matt, Craig Dodds, Paul Graham, Paul Jackson, Jack Hamilton, Sam Hutchinson, Tom Bailey and Russ Hall.

    Alfie Carleton on the cover with a frontside pull in off a makeshift extension at Bridges skatepark, Belfast shot by Craig Dodds!

     Message me by email (hanguponline at, or facebook/instagram = hanguponline) for payment details. £2.00 each + stickers! If any shops want any message me too, we'll sort something out! 

  • Hangup Zine 1: Gallery

    Continuing our uploads of content from Hangup Zine 1, here's the gallery section, featuring Blinky, Tom Zealand, Nic Hanson, Jon Mullis, Joe Howard, Egon Reynolds, Denis Lynn and Jonny MConkey. Photos from Reece Leung, Tom Quigley, Sam Roberts, Paul Graham, and Craig Dodds.

    Click Craig's photo of Denis Frontside airing below for the whole gallery!

    Denis Lynn | Frontside Tailgrab | Bridges Skatepark, Belfast | by Craig Dodds

  • Hurworth Session

    Online now is a photo recap from a session at Hurworth with Blinky, Dean Greensmith, Ben Grove, Russ Longmire, Luke Fletcher, Ash Wilson, Laurie O'Hara, and Joe Howard

    Click here for the full thing.

    Blinky, Footplant, Hurworth, 2014

  • The Ripped Week: The Ripped Raw Edit

    For the last post of The Ripped Week, we have a Raw edit of footage kindly donated from Ben at Sidewalk!

    With original sound!

    Featuring Joxa, Myles Rushforth, Joe Howard, Alex Barton, Moggins, Alex Burrell, Matt Prady, Daryl Nobbs and Manhead

  • The Ripped Week: The Ripped Retrospective Edit

    Today we have a re-edit of almost every trick I could find online done at The Ripped! 

    Click here for the edit

  • The Ripped Week: Skate Photo Gallery

    The Ripped Week commences with a gallery of images I shot over the course of the park being open! Contains some from the first Halloween allnighter in 2007, some I shot on a medium format camera whilst firing a flash manually, but mainly from the last allnighter.

    The gallery features Snoz, Joe Howard, Blinky, Avid, Weeman, Dave Tyson, Joxa, Mack, Beez and Jordan Kaye.

    Click Dave's Smith below to be taken through -

    Dave Tyson, Smith

  • Hangup edit 002 - Boom with RWTB

    Here's the second Hangup edit, a session on the Boom skatepark mini with RWTB. Featuring Blinky, Junior, Martyn Hill, Josh Rose, Joe Howard, Chris Pope and Jordan Kaye.

    Blinky's Frontside Air off the extension is no joke!

  • Gallery: Sam Hutchinson's Portraits

    Online now is Sam Hutchinson's Leeds-based portraits, featuring Adam Jeffreson, Dean Greensmith, Sam Barrett, Joe Howard, Jordan Kaye, Josh Rose, Laurie O'Hara and Lee Rozzee.

    Click here for the full gallery!

  • Tom Frankham Gallery + New Website

    Tom Frankham has a new website, with a great skateboarding gallery with photos from around Southern England, as well as Copenhagen and America. Also on there is a really good black and white documentary series from a trip to America.

    I've compiled a gallery of the UK elements of the website, featuring Ben Lawer, Josh Rounding, Hayden Salter, Jack Gorham, Jake Sparham, Joe Howard, Joe Symes and Ryan Salter.

    Click Hayden's Playing Place Front Rock to be taken to the gallery -

  • The House Halloween Bowl Jam Roundup

    A number of video edits have emerged from Saturday's Halloween Jam at the House;

    The Pixels edit

     The Sidewalk edit

    Cosmic Chunder's edit


     I also shot a gallery for Sidewalk which can be viewed by clicking Pulley's Feeble Fakie below -

  • Interview: Leeds' Latest DIY Spot

    I recently interviewed the guys behind the newest DIY spot in Leeds, covering a wide range of different topics around the spot. With the first jam at the spot happening this Saturday (17/10/15) read on for insights on the development of the spot, ideas for future builds, the security of the spot and a load more.

    Blinky Backside Ollies on the OG quarter, photo by Laurie O'Hara


    You recently got the first skate in on the Clam, how was it? Front feeble would be a good trick…


    Laurie O’Hara - Dean nearly did that first go, I was like yeah do that and he was all “Uh yeah maybe when its like dryer”

    Paul - Would be rad for a photo as well wouldn’t it

    Laurie - I asked to take a photo of it but he said –

    Paul - “Oh I dunno man, not really feeling it today” – Classic Dean…

    Laurie - He did an Indy to fakie.

     Blinky - Josh got footage of it – Deans the first one to grind right round the top of it – just like little slash grinds feel so good on it.

     Paul - You gonna try do another edit then? (After Bastard)

     Josh Rose - Yeah just another little 2 minute edit of the clam or something.


    Joe Howard and Dean Greensmith come in from the shop

     Dean - Aw no I broke one of the naan breads

     Joe -  Think I’m gonna have sugar on toast for tea

     Paul - Just been talking about the clam have you skated it? Aw no you won’t have with your injury (JH just gone in for ankle surgery)

     Joe - Been focused on building it though – you seen it finished yet?

     Paul – Just about, went up just after you’d put the coping on.

     Joe - Ah now it’s got sides on and coping down to the floor.

     Dean -  yeah you can ride up to grind and stuff.

     Laurie - Roll in could be possible but would be really tight, but the coping’s lacquered so much so don’t suppose it would matter.

     Dean - It’s amazing.

     Paul - Putting loads of lacquer on I guess it’ll wear in with the weather wont it

     Dean - Yeah yeah

    The Clam before the last layer of concrete and last coping blocks were added, photo by Paul Graham


    Joe - I’m about to start pouring my own coping, made a mould – shows photos

     Paul - Have you designed it yourself?

    Joe - I have yeah – 2.7 inch

    Paul - Have you just kind of guessed?

     Joe - Yeah well Saffron’s like 3 inches and that’s big, so I did it to 2.7 – which is the only sized pipe I could find anyway…

    Joe's Self Poured Concrete Block, photo by Joe Howard


    Joe and Laurie show me the original sketch plans of the spot

     Paul - Pretty accurate really isn’t it, for a sketch? You’ve even got the different lengths of the “two” quarters (separated by a hole) in there haven’t you, dunno if that’s by chance? The taco is a thing of beauty, pretty unique isn’t it, it makes sense to go with the quarter so you can whip round to get speed for it.

    Blinky - It can actually whip you back into the quarter once you’ve come from the quarter too, as it’s so whippy, you’ll see what I mean when you skate it.

     Paul - Yeah you’ve kind of built it a lot differently to how I thought when someone first mentioned a taco, like the taco at TBS is really small and you sort of pump it, whereas this one you’re sort of whipping round upside down, I imagine.

     Joe – It did start off small though…

     Laurie - Yeah started off small then we went to Copenhagen and were like, this is pussy this what are we doing? So we just built it up more and more.

     Josh – There’s something a bit similar at Hullet

     Paul - Yeah was going to say did you go over there and get inspired?I mean that bowl is gnarly as fuck, I’m kind of glad they’ve built the little fun bit there now as there’s something for everyone, when we went when Joe did the Frontside Invert, there was no coping or platform, metal rods sticking out everywhere, it looks much easier to skate now.

     Joe - They’ve painted it loads so its really slippy, I found it really hard to skate this time.

     Paul - You were saying the taco cost about 125 quid to build right?

     Joe - Well was £125 from DLX / Welcome, but we’d already started it by then, so we spent all that on this plus a bit for Garry’s bit too

     Blinky – Probably put in about 20 quid each as well

     Paul - Was just going to say imagine how much that bloody bowl has cost to make in comparison! What you going to be building next?

     Laurie – We already started on the extension for the main quarter, also going to start on the flatbank where all the boards are now – maybe do a little tranny up the wall from that too.

     Paul - Ah yeah so the line would be roll in the flatbank, whip round the taco then to the quarter. (To Joe) Laurie was just saying you’re gonna build a tranny up the wall off the flatbank, I guess like Needle but easier to skate?

    Martyn Hill Backside Smiths over the doorway, photo by Laurie O'Hara


    Dean - I really want to (at needle) wallride into the tranny at the top of the quarter and then down.

     Joe - Someone’s done something like that was it Doug(McClaughlin)?

     Paul - Doug did out the quarter to backside wallride into the wall quarter - on the cover of Curbsnot zine, Jake Collins did something on that bit but can’t remember what…

     Dean - I once ollied over from the flatbank into the wall quarter.

     Paul - You flat bottomed it yeah?

     Dean - Probably half and half.

     Joe - Here is that thing you showed me from The Moon legit? The Moon DIY Skatepark coming up on google maps?

     Blinky - Yeah that’s legit, dunno how it’s happened though.

     Dean - Must be google going round in the vans but don’t how they got the name.

     Laurie - Ben C was researching online about who owns the land and finds that… “oh it’s us”…

     Paul - It must be pretty secure, I mean it’s been there at least ten years, Kurt (Mitchell) had footage there feebling an up rail in Bishcam and that was 2006

    (Actually not in that part, if anyone knows where that footage is from let us know).

     Joe - Yeah that’s rad, I want it to be like that at our spot, when someone discovers it they need to be like this is some next level shit

     Paul - Ah so you want to build Burnside

     Joe - Everyone that’s talked to us about it seems stoked though, like that mechanic who works over the wall, he walked over the other day and had been watching us, he just said you guys have been putting in some serious graft here, said he could use his water for mixing and that.

     Paul - People used to walk through the old joint spot walking there dogs all the time and were stoked.

     Joe - Some kiddy came down the other day, just appeared out of nowhere just “alright boys, I’m the reason this spot is here, I burnt down the factory that was here before,” bragging about it, “there could have been someone in it you know, could have got done for manslaughter.”

     Blinky - Probably bullshit that though, Roz says that’s been there ever since he moved to Leeds eighteen years ago.

     Paul – No I don’t think Roz has lived in Leeds eighteen years…

     Joe - I think he’s been here just over ten year.

     Josh - Well that guy looked about twenty-ish so could have done it when he was two I suppose.


    Paul - You made much money off the zine yet josh?

     Josh - No, it costs quite a lot to print doesn’t it, I got a bit of money from The Prince’s Trust to do it – hundred and fifty quid, plus there’s this printing charity attached to them where I can get a thousand pounds funding for it. If I sold all the zines I’d get a couple of hundred quid for the spot, but that seems unlikely.

    Zine by Josh Rose


    Paul - How many you do?

     Josh - I did fifty but when they arrived ten had got damaged by the mail company, so I asked the printers if they’d send me another ten – they ended up sending me another fifty for free! I’m not even close to making my money back yet.

     Paul – It’s difficult to sell them, I struggled to sell all mine, you’ve just got to get them in as many places as you can, just send them all off… So what’s the name of the spot then now?

     Dean - It’s anything you want it to be…

     Paul - Ah is that why it’s called Bastard and the Dust Bowl?

     Josh - Bastard was just the edit, Dust Bowl is the zine’s name.

     Blinky - Because the spots well dusty.


    Joe - Bastard coz of Sean Bean.

     Paul - What? “Bastard” (in broad Yorkshire accent)

     Blinky - “French bastards in these mountains”

     Paul - From sharpe?

     Joe - From allsorts, couple of films as well, there’s a clip on youtube of him just saying it.


     Joe - “You bastard”


    The conversation then descended into reviews of Jurgen Teller’s Berlin exhibition, Joe’s  year of injury woes, vert ramp prospects now Beast Rampz has closed, tales of ex-skaters from Sunderland and Blinky telling one of his unending, no punchline stories.

    In progress shot of the first quarter (I think), photo by Josh Rose