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  • Hangup Zine 12 Out Now!

    Hangup Zine 12 out now.

    Click here to buy your copy!

    In this issue;

    • A recap of some of our favourite video releases in 2019,
    • Ginger’s Back to Basics article, where he gives his opinion as to why the ‘80’s is still such a source of inspiration for today’s youth, featuring Sam Barnard, Daniel Tabakin, Nasir Roumou and Will Kirkby-Rampling.
    • Alan Maag’s article from The Pusillanimous Tour, featuring a combined crew of the best Swiss and UK heads including Alex Hallford, Jordan Thackeray, Ewen Bower, Martino Cattaneo, Sven Kilchenmann and more!
    • The usual gallery section from regular contributors Craig Dodds, Danny Parker and John Finucane, featuring Seamus O'Flaherty, Jake Sparham, Gareth Leak, Max Hawke, Seth Kirk and Rooie Nelis
    • And Baghead Crew’s Funeral video premiere advertisement.
    • On the cover is Alex Hallford Crail air blocking to fakie, shot by Alan Maag.