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  • Joe Howard's Interview and Video Part | Hangup TBT

    For this week's throwback we've got links to Joe's interview with us from back in Hangup Zine 1, as well as the (mainly) Chris Pope-filmed part we filmed to accompany it's original online release! Check out both by clicking the image / video below!

    Joe Frontside Inverts at Boom | Photo: Paul Graham

  • Jake Sparham in Matt Hunt's In Crust We Trust | Vague

    Vague uploaded Jake Sparham's section from Matt Hunt's In Crust We Trust!

    Have a read of our interview with Jake discussing filming for the section here.

  • Hangup Zine 1: Joe Howard on UK Parks, DIY, Trick Choice and Trips

    Thruster at a mythical private vert ramp that noone ever skated, Newcastle. Photo: Paul Graham

    Hello pal where are you and what you been up to?

    Rolling with the boys in the city of dreams! 

    How many nicknames do you actually have?

    Nicknames, I’ve never been nicknamed... Chesney, Smokey Joe, Snoop, Yoggins, Voldemort? Howard the Lad... 

    How do you decide on tricks to learn? You’ve got quite an obscure trick selection...

    Haha I dunno. We constantly learn off one another and progress as skateboarders to whatever feels comfortable. I’m happy to hit the deck hard a couple of times to get some of that but as far as tricks go, there’s only one way up to that coping. Would be good to skate everyday like it was your last.

    Continuing the onslaught on the sketchiest vert ramps in the North, Frontside Invert at Upton. Photo: Paul Graham

    You’ve recently started working for a skatepark building company, how’d that come about and what does it involve?

    I’ve worked with concrete for the last few years, originally with cast stone and mould work which is a totally different warzone to skatepark building. I started twerking about with D.I.Y. and making coping too, that’s hella fun. We’ve got a spot in Leeds a group of us have been working on (The Dustbowl), it’s a cushty place to get dirty and learn how to graft to skate different things. Get down, get involved. 

    Favourite UK skateparks and why?

    That’s a hard one they’re all half assed at the moment! I dig Hebden when the river rats ain’t in the pool. The House bowl always holds down a heavy session too. Stockwell will always be my all time favourite UK park, for characters, homies and speed trains. Gotta throw the Deaner in there too for the external wall madness and some downhill shit. Hyde Park is on a similar level to Stockwell, good scene of fellas on the deck up there, but the parks a bit outdated, so it’s all about the Dustbowl now. If you build it they will come.

    Favourite Mad Snoz story from The Ripped skatepark?

    A crate of eggs and a couple of kilos of fl our to his face one night that was pretty geared up, the night of the deathmatch I think. He must have stocked up and just wanted to get caked up proper. He used to run the maddest jams, I was down for all the Jacobs cracker eating comps, no watered down ting. 

    Joe throws a Lien on the hardest thing possible at Thornes Park,Wakefield. Photo: Paul Graham

    You just finished another extension down the Dustbowl DIY, what’s next on the agenda?

    Just keep building, got a hip and pump track on the go, get some more flow to the joint. Hopefully get down Needleside this summer and build some new shit down there too. 

    Top 3 Video parts? 

    Cardiel Anti Hero - Cow 

    Mike Conroy Reason for Living 

    Eric Dressen Troops of Tomorrow 

    Worst Trick ever?

    They’re all bad for you, we have a disease.

    Judo to Fakie at Manchester’s premier purpose built fullpipe. Photo: Paul Graham

    Bagged yourself a few of the old sponsors now, who hooks you up?

    Antihero UK represent, Spitfire Wheels, Welcome Skatestore, Hoax Socks 

    Worst trip you’ve been on?

    Indy UK trip, I bust my ankle on the first stop (Lien Disaster Blackpool pool), Livingston A & E, nine months later operation sorted it out. I’m good now but was unruly watching all the boys shred the rest of the tour leg up - I’m hyped for the next traipse! 

    Best place to camp?

    The Highlands, freeman laws the hills are yours.

    Frontside Ollie at Saffron Walden's Concrete Wonder. Photo: Josh Rose

    Cover of Hangup Zine 1, Joe Madonna blocks on Gateshead's brilliant brick banks. Photo: Paul Graham

    Hard fought wallie up to Andy Roy, Leeds. Photo: Paul Graham

    Joe tanked it up to this never been done Texas. Photo: Paul Graham

  • Hangup Zine 1: Empire Skatepark | by Paul Jackson

    Beginning our mini Empire Week, here's Paul Jackson's park profile from Zine 1. Check back Thursday for a look at the recently completed Outback DIY section there!

    I’ve been a regular visitor to skater owned Empire Skate Park since Lewis and Harry took over the business in Colchester, Essex back in 2013. Harry and Lew are good friends of mine and the locals are as friendly and enthusiastic as any scene I’ve experienced with some real talent in Jake Bolt, Toby Gozzett, Elliot Simmons and Jordan Thackeray.

     This little unit at the back of a business estate holds not only an ever-evolving, flowing park and shop, but also a dedicated skate-loving team of staff and helpers that help to keep the local Essex scene buzzing and involve themselves in educational projects in the local area. Every year the Lords Of The Swords Videos Premier Night and Awards Night are hosted by the park and the park always enter a team. They hold jams throughout the year with bags of prizes and run school holiday skate camps and coffee mornings. 

     Wednesday’s Skate Night is usually heavy with gnarly skaters of all ages with regular sightings of Mark Munson, Mark Radden, Carl Wilson and visiting groups from all over the country.

     2014’s Real Skateboards Crash-Up Derby Tour passing through with Justin Brock, Davis Torgesson, Jed Cullen and Robbie Brockel giving a heavy demo to a 200 strong excited and very loud crowd was so sick and the Halloween, Christmas and LOTS Parties are always legendary.

    Elliott Simmons uses the power of Christ to glide across the channel, Frontside Bluntslide

     The park consists of a 4 foot mini with 5 foot extentions on one end, a 3 foot micro upstairs and a concrete floored park with a roll-in and jump box leading to an 8 foot vert wall with a door gap on one side. A driveway with a hubba, a kinked flat bar, an up/down hand rail on one side and a coverable grass gap and flat bank hip on the end. There’s a concrete bowl corner hipped to an 8 foot steep flat bank on one side and a long 4 foot tranny/flat bank running down the entire side of the park. And there’s a new 10 inch high, 6 foot long granite edged ledge built into the middle of the long bank. Transitions fill in the gaps ranging from 4 foot to 6 foot.

    Work continues on the skate only outdoor concrete bowl complex which is due to be finished in the spring and hopefully open to the public in the summer. 


    Empire Skate Park,

    Unit H,

    Global Park,




    CO1 2TJ

    01206 615840

    Mark Munson Nosegrind Tailgrabs over the door with probable ease, he can also do them no grab...

  • Hangup Zine 1: Jake Sparham Interview

    Here's the first section of our recent zine we're putting online, an interview with Brighton/Newquay local Jake Sparham. I found out about Jake through his amazing Instagram clips of him and his friends, hence why I did the remix, I thought there was something very Penny-esque about his style. I ended up contacting Danny Parker to see if he'd shot any photos with Jake, as you can see he came through big time! I messaged Jake to see if he was down for an interview which he was, so this became the first inclusion for the zine! 

    I was at Wooden Waves (Newquay) one day and I saw this kid with long scruffy hair and dirty clothes flying over the jump box. I asked Moss, "who's that kid? He's got such a natural style, I've never seen anyone go so high over that thing!" From that day I knew Jake had something special.

    Jake's presence is so infectious it rubs off on anyone he skates with. He doesn't care about following fashion trends or learning on-trend tricks, he just skates how he wants and what he wants. His bag of tricks are slightly unconventional which makes filming him so refreshing. He rarely gets angry because his attitude and determination is one of the best, if something isn't working he'll think about why and put it right. He just loves skateboarding so much, it really is his life.

    It's a pleasure to have this opportunity to write about one of the nicest human beings I've come across. I'm so happy he's been given this chance, noone deserves it more.

    Look out for his part in "In Crust We Trust," you won't be disappointed. Keep shredding Jakey!

    Matt Hunt

    Jake backwards Ollies on the extension at Penzance. Photo: Danny Parker

    Hi Jake, where are you and what have you been doing?

    Hi man, I'm currently in Newquay and skating everyday, well when the weather holds out for us! And working very little which is perfect!

    How much do you think Wooden Waves have influenced how you skate? From my experiences it was real difficult to do anything there with the state of the wood?

    I think the park itself has a huge influence on my skating. But nothing compared to my friends I skate with! It's incredible, we feed off each other so much I fucking love it! And yeah I completely get that, I couldn't imagine skating that place for the first time. As all of us are used to the park and the worst parts of it I reckon.

    The vert ramp there got cut down didn't it? Around the time I heard that made it unskateable, but you guys seem to be doing alright?

    Yeah when I moved here it was vert for a few years then yes they cut it made it better in my eyes but would be so rad if it was a vert. And yeah it is pretty much fucked now but so unique, can't really explain, I just love it so much! The time you have in the middle is pretty long, the transition is just kind of mellow but I just have a lot of love for that ramp1 Massive thanks to James Coombs for repairing it every time there is a hole.

    Frontside Wallride on the most haggard bit of Wooden Waves he can find. Photo: Danny Parker

    With Cornwall being quite a rural area, how hard is it to get a session in without a car?

    This is a massive struggle in the winter as there's not one indoor spot in Newquay. Without a car it's the worst but we always manage to get a lift to Mount Hawke somehow. That's the closest indoor park to us, so we spend a fair bit of time there in the winter.

    How did you initially meet Matt Hunt? And how far down the line did he ask you to have a part in "In Crust We Trust?"

    I'm not really sure I think it was my friend Harry While. He was filming for this video and was saying get on it Jake! Then a couple of months later I think I saw them filming. Harry was like what you got on the griffin stairs. I was fucking stoked he wanted me in the video. Then we tried to film a couple of tricks, made friends with him then and that was that, we carried on filming. He's such a sick guy to go filming with! I really appreciate the time he puts in, he's mad keen he always is and all the other stuff people don't realise. Bloody rad filmer1 And generally a rad guy!

    Jake impossibly Liens at Playing Place, nr Truro, Cornwall. Photo: Danny Parker

    Give us a run down of some of the places visited filming for the vid, I know you guys went to Plymouth recently...

    Yeah been to Plymouth a few times, I love it everyone always gets something there as there is so much more for everyone. Also been a few other places, skated the fullpipe at Truro College the other week which was pretty sketchy! We will hit a few more places now the weather is getting good! Hyped to get it done!

    You have quite an original bag of tricks, any particular methods or reasons for learning them?

    Thanks a lot man! I'm guessing it's because the influences we have skating with all different skaters. Even watching the stuff we watch influences so much1 Also I think we all see ourselves doing what we feel comfortable and capable doing, and then when you learn it just a slight change to it makes it a whole new trick, I love that so much, it feels so creative learning, I will always chase that!

    Another improbable air at Playing Place, this time going in to fakie! Photo: Danny Parker