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  • Life o Lev II

    Levi Hinkley's recent footage , filmed around Essex, London, Malmo and Copenhagen featuring too many heads to mention! Some great footage from the Malmo Vans Park Series leg and Wonderland...

  • Hangup Zine 1: Empire Skatepark | by Paul Jackson

    Beginning our mini Empire Week, here's Paul Jackson's park profile from Zine 1. Check back Thursday for a look at the recently completed Outback DIY section there!

    I’ve been a regular visitor to skater owned Empire Skate Park since Lewis and Harry took over the business in Colchester, Essex back in 2013. Harry and Lew are good friends of mine and the locals are as friendly and enthusiastic as any scene I’ve experienced with some real talent in Jake Bolt, Toby Gozzett, Elliot Simmons and Jordan Thackeray.

     This little unit at the back of a business estate holds not only an ever-evolving, flowing park and shop, but also a dedicated skate-loving team of staff and helpers that help to keep the local Essex scene buzzing and involve themselves in educational projects in the local area. Every year the Lords Of The Swords Videos Premier Night and Awards Night are hosted by the park and the park always enter a team. They hold jams throughout the year with bags of prizes and run school holiday skate camps and coffee mornings. 

     Wednesday’s Skate Night is usually heavy with gnarly skaters of all ages with regular sightings of Mark Munson, Mark Radden, Carl Wilson and visiting groups from all over the country.

     2014’s Real Skateboards Crash-Up Derby Tour passing through with Justin Brock, Davis Torgesson, Jed Cullen and Robbie Brockel giving a heavy demo to a 200 strong excited and very loud crowd was so sick and the Halloween, Christmas and LOTS Parties are always legendary.

    Elliott Simmons uses the power of Christ to glide across the channel, Frontside Bluntslide

     The park consists of a 4 foot mini with 5 foot extentions on one end, a 3 foot micro upstairs and a concrete floored park with a roll-in and jump box leading to an 8 foot vert wall with a door gap on one side. A driveway with a hubba, a kinked flat bar, an up/down hand rail on one side and a coverable grass gap and flat bank hip on the end. There’s a concrete bowl corner hipped to an 8 foot steep flat bank on one side and a long 4 foot tranny/flat bank running down the entire side of the park. And there’s a new 10 inch high, 6 foot long granite edged ledge built into the middle of the long bank. Transitions fill in the gaps ranging from 4 foot to 6 foot.

    Work continues on the skate only outdoor concrete bowl complex which is due to be finished in the spring and hopefully open to the public in the summer. 


    Empire Skate Park,

    Unit H,

    Global Park,




    CO1 2TJ

    01206 615840

    Mark Munson Nosegrind Tailgrabs over the door with probable ease, he can also do them no grab...

  • Gallery: Dan Dolan's Essex Part 2!

    Online now is the second part of Dan Dolan's Essex-based gallery! Featuring Donaldo Qemalja, Eric Osterberg, Sam Neill, Philippe Da Rosa, Mark Munson, Lewis Fitzpatrick, Filippo Baronello and Mikey Joyce!

    Click here to be taken through!

    Donaldo Qemalja, Layback Rock and Roll

  • Gallery: Dan Dolan's Essex - Online Now!

    Having seen a load of Dan's Essex-based photos on Instagram, I contacted him to see if he'd be up for doing a gallery on the site, he quickly replied with alot of photos attached...

    Click Mark Munson's Frontside Air below to be taken to the full gallery -

  • DIY or Die - Sidewalk

    Sidewalk have a great roundup of most of the UK's major DIY spots, with photography from myself, Monkeyglove Matt, Charles Myatt and Josh Rose, as well as Sidewalk's own Chris Johnson and Andy Horsley. Click Jordan Kaye's Frontside Noseslide to be taken to the article.

  • Empire Miniramp Jam 2015, by Paul Jackson

    Today we have Paul Jackson's write up and gallery from the Empire Miniramp Jam last Friday -

    The usual drill - A bunch of skaters, Harry Wilson with a megaphone and a box of prizes donated by Navitas Outdoors.

    Harry announced that “it was a free for all. No limit to the number of skaters in the ramp, just get it done!”

    And it went off.

    We were treated to an onslaught of lazy cool from local Jordan Thackeray’s satchel of stoke and some balls out skating from the ever gnarly Taylor Jones, and any moment Taylor wasn’t skating was spent shouting abuse at the top of his voice at anyone skating the mini!

    Jed Jolly and Max Melwani of Stowmarket pulled some radness out too.

    After about an hour, the comp was drawn to a close on the mini. The crowd of spectators soon went home and the 3 sided bar was fitted over the grass gap.

    Harry came back with the Navitas box and what hadn’t been given away on the mini was duly gifted to the gifted that stuck around and put the hours in.

    Harley Miller and Mark Radden made some gnar stuff stick and Toby Gozzett came away with a whole bunch of NBDs.

    It was a good turn out for a change from the banging Halloween fancy dress party that has become an Empire tradition in recent years.

    For more photos of the jam and photos from the bump to bar session visit Paul's blog here


    Jed Jolly, Nosepick

    Jordan Thackeray, Frontside Nosegrind

    Justin Baker, Frontside 5050

    Mark Radden, Frontside Pivot Grab

    Max Melwani, Switch Frontside 5-0

    Max Melwani, Smith Stall

    Taylor Jones, Madonna

    Taylor Jones, Smith Stall