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  • Hangup T-Shirt 1 | Designed and Printed by Alan Richardson

    Our first t-shirt release, designed and printed by Alan Richardson. Digital collage, two colour and screened by hand.

    Get one here.

  • Review: Craig Dodds' Municipality Zine

    First up in the Articles section of the site is a review of Craig Dodds' excellent Municipality zine. If anyone would like to write an article, do a review or send in anything to review feel free to get in contact!

    I recently received Craig Dodds' zine Municipality. I was expecting a traditional skateboard zine, but it’s actually something more interesting, examining the peripheries involved with skateboarding.

    The cover of the zine is interesting as it’s the only photograph in the zine containing a skateboard (apart from one shot of two women taking a selfie). At first glance I thought the birds on the cover were hand drawn along with theMunicipality title, when in actual fact they make up the top half of the cover photograph. This creates a separation of the cover into three distinct parts.

    Skateboarding seems to be a magnet to which strange happenings are attracted, I can’t count the number of times where strangers have approached and began a conversation totally at odds with what’s happening. Craig excels at documenting these moments, and puts what I am trying to say here much more eloquently in the introduction to the zine.Particular images that allude to this include; two children hiding behind a large bundle of Helium balloons, a woman in the drinks aisle of a supermarket in rollerblades and a group of children, all with toy guns.

    The layout of the zine is particularly well achieved, as Craig succeeds in drawing the reader in. The first element I noticed was the use hand-written text in place of the more common typed text. This gives the zine a more personal feel, moving it towards the traditional zine rather than the more prominent high quality photo zine. Another aspect that moves the zine into this area is the use of black and white images throughout the zine. However, saying this, the print quality is good, a higher quality than the traditional photocopied zine, which makes it a pleasure to look through.

    Craig has chosen to render a select number of images in colour, none more eye catching as the (assumed) bloody plastic bag. This had the effect of drawing me further in, enabling me to pay more attention to each photograph, and really gives some intimacy to the book.

    The zine is really good quality for the price, it cost me around £3.50 including postage, much cheaper than most photo zines, and I’ve looked at it more than most zines I’ve purchased in the past. Well worth the money, contact @duddle_it on instagram if you’d like one.