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  • 4. Elijah Akerley in Stay Awaysted

    Always a solid bet to put out some great footage, Elijah Akerley has been a firm favourite in these parts for the last few years - and his part in the Stay Awaysted video certainly didn’t disappoint!

    The part begins transition-heavy, with a couple of great pool lines including some excellent frontside feeble grinds - always good to see on pool coping! It then moves into the street section, via a couple of diy + ditch tricks.

    Some highlights;

    • A fine specimen of a smith to tailslide - both parts fully locked in and slid!

    • Straight into a nosegrind over a pool hip.

    • Backside nosebluntslide into a hectic ditch ride out.

    • Feeble fakie at a famous ditch / wall spot.