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  • Moor Park Skatepark, Preston with Rikk Fields, Tom Cottam and friends

    As the bell tolls, the impending realisation that skateboarding has reached the point of hyper saturation with no means of return, like a beam of hope, those who remain true, shine through the sea of instagram trap edits and olympic hopeful Jart sponsor monsters.

    So, ask yourself, what skateboarding need? Yes. That’s correct… another bloody skatepark edit, filmed by a fat northern bloke and his mates.

    Watch Tom Cottam, Rick Fields, Josh Cobbin and Liffy lay waste to Moor Park Skatepark in Preston while Ryan Robinson does filming duties and picks up human shite… If you’ve never been here, just a heads up, the transition is tight, the lines are weird and quite frankly the first couple of times you arrive, you’ll think “why the fuck am I here? I can’t skate this”.

    If you think otherwise, don’t worry, this Sunday is your chance to slap that red curb for yourself, throw caution to the win and get your arse deep in that pool, with the annual Moor Park Skate Jam kicking off at 12pm. Pies, prizes, beers and live music, what more could you ask for? See you there.