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  • Rob Jones on DIY in Newquay and Barcelona

    Backside Boneless for Gav and the other assembled light holders. | Photo: Craig Dodds.

    Hi Rob, can you give us your vital info? Where'd you grow up skateboarding, who do you normally skate with?

    Hi my name is Rob Jones, I'm ginger in case you can't tell in the photos and I've grown up the majority of my life in and around the Newquay area. When I first started skating I used to live in a village and was too young to go into Newquay by myself skating so to start with I learnt in my driveway with a plastic Argos ramp my parents got me that used to slide all over the place when I tried to ride up it! When I started getting more into skateboarding my parents would drop me at Mount Hawke skatepark which was super lucky because we struggle to get there now when it’s wet, the main hours I've put in skating are definitely at Wooden Waves though skating with all the local  PORKAHONTIS crew our skate gang hahaha.

    I've seen some heavy photos of you from around Newquay, particularly Wooden Waves. How much did you localise the park before you moved away, and what are some of the best things about the place?

    I would like to say 'we' localised the place as there would be no point going there if the crew wasn't there in full force,  the same heads there from the crack of dawn until after dark every day. A lot of time has been spent down there skating and having a good time. My favourite things about the place are the heavy crew for sure, the energy of all your friends tanked up on beers and joints being rowdy and screaming, gets the sessions going full tilt even though the place is falling apart!

    A jersey with 'crete thrown at it gets slashed. | Photo: Danny Parker.

    How did the affiliation with the Hell Yeah Son crew come about?

    Maybe 5 years ago I went up to Essex for the Lords of the Swords event and had the best fucking time in Essex skating all around the county. The whole Essex crew seems real tight and everyone from each town seemed to be mates with each other which was different to Cornwall as with shit transport we don't often go and skate with crews in other towns. On every trip to Essex Harry Wilson and the Empire crew hooked it up and let us stay in the skatepark which was always good times and where I met Dirty Diss, Mikey Joyce and the crew skating, filming and getting pissed up leading onto some haggard clubs around Colchester, with a baby Thackeray also tearing the park to bits being forced to wear his helmet, and just recently Diss has been out to Barcelona a couple times with various heads and good times were had by all!

    So you've recently moved to Barcelona, it may be a silly question, but why the move, and how's life been treating you out there compared to back home?

    I was in a full time job back in Newquay screenprinting which is what I enjoy doing for work and the hours were good for skating 8am - 4pm with weekends off were sick, but my boss was a total prick and after 3 years working there and falling out with him right before a 2 week holiday I just didn’t bother getting my flight back. It was sick though because Adam Moss was already there and let me crash his sofa for 2 weeks and I already knew the Sentfields Boys from previous trips to Copenhagen who are super sick to skate with so it was a no brainer really! Comparing it to life back home it’s pretty different and more hectic being in a foreign country and a busy city, as Newquay is a ghost town half the year and something is always going on in the city. I like that though and the climate allows for a lot more skating in the winter months than back at home!

    Vertical Frontside Crailblock! | Photo: Dodds.

    How long have you been / do you intend to live out there?

    I first moved to Barcelona at the start of January 2016 and have mostly been there ever since with a month in Copenhagen and a month back home selling some of my skateboard collection to get money to stay there. I guess now it’s indefinite how long I'm staying there as I would like to become fluent in Spanish although I have been pretty slack learning over the last year!

    You're involved in a bit of DIY out there, are you new to it or have you been involved with anything back in Newquay?

    I can't remember what year it was but on the same trip to Essex we skated Urbside which I loved and we came back and built some DIY in Wooden Waves which pissed the council right off but is still somehow standing. This was our first build and we bit off a bit more than we could chew with this bowl corner we poured which is kinda fucked as we didn't set the forms up properly because no one had a clue. A lot of good sessions have gone down though! We also had our DIY called the Secret Spot which had a crazy view overlooking the beach in the rich part of Newquay but unfortunately was short lived and got shut down. Also a sketchy barrier that me, Jake Sparham and Jak Foster basically just threw concrete at in a rush so we didn't get caught.

    When was the last time you saw a DIY Smith Melon? Photo: Dodds.

    Any current projects on the go?

    The Spotter is always an on-going project and is getting gnarlier and expanding pretty much every week thanks to Richi, Nanaqui and everyone else involved. Caribu DIY is becoming sick as well and being out there mixing Crete and helping pour the ramps with the old locals of the Premia park that sadly got torn down. The project Tibidabowl which is currently being built in the garden of a giant mansion squatted by some super chilled hippies is going to be insane! It is kind of the brainchild of my French friend Max who has volunteered on a couple DIY builds in Palestine and Ethiopia, so it’s good to watch and learn from him as well. But he is super mellow and everyone involved has had their ideas and tweaked the bowl’s design as we have been digging. If you search Tibidabowl online there is a go fund me as we are going to need to raise a lot for Crete and supplys to finish the whole bowl, so I'm excited for the creation of this as I've only ever built obstacles at pre-existing spots prior to this!

    Favourite UK and International parks and why?

    My favourite U.K parks are Wooden Waves for obvious local reasons, Empire skatepark (R.I.P.) most welcoming crew and the best skate parties and I really like Stockwell in Brixton as well. As for out of the U.K Spotter has to be my favourite place as it’s an escape from the city and also a super heavy crew to skate with and get you hyped, I'm actually not a huge fan of skateparks a lot of the time because they are always so full and whippy ramps with pool coping is more fun haha so my favourite place can be anywhere really with a good crew, pool coping and maybe a BBQ!

    Top 3 video parts and why? 

    I will have to say the whole Sentfields Da Boig video you can watch in full on YouTube.


    Anything Cardiel

    And I also really like Mark Gonzales Krooked Kronicles it’s pretty hard to come up with just 3 though so I have been a bit vague haha.

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