Review | Curry Junction | Essay Zine

  • Review | Curry Junction | Essay Zine

    The latest publication in a growing library of excellence from the Netherlands-based Essay crew sees them venture over to London to sample it's finest offerings of parks and street spots (red brick banks). Curry Junction is a 44 page A5 sized zine, limited to 50 copies. The zines are €4 and are available to buy here. As ever, the quality of the zine is great, even down to the cool type of staples they've used to hold the thing together!

    "Curry Junction" is named after a takeaway the crew localised throughout their stay, something which I think everyone who's ever been on a skate trip can attest to the importance of!

    The zine features Sander Rodenhuis and Martijn van Velden, the guys behind Essay, as well as regular contributor / accomplice Wouter Molenaar as well as somewhat locals Tom Moatti and Craig "Questions" Scott.

    Highlights include Wouter's characterful slash grind in the pool at the House of Vans as well as a Stockwell Crailslide, a rare shot of Sander himself skating at that fun as fuck spot at Peckham Library and plenty of top notch incidentals scattered throughout. 

    Below are some images to whet your appetite before your inevitable purchase of the zine, and below that is Wouter's great accompanying edit of the trip!