Corner Store Review

  • Corner Store Review

    Corner Store is Jono Coote's independent video featuring a crew of some of the most exciting to watch skaters from around the South including Sam Roberts, Stevie Thompson, Sox, Filippo Baronello, Jordan Thackeray and more.

    The video starts off with a no bullshit intro with tricks from Taylor Jones, Dean Greensmith and Jordan Thackeray alongside general footage captured whilst filming for the video including fires, hillbombs, knifeplay, BBQs and Snelling-induced Stockwell fireworks!

    First part goes to Sox with a Copenhagen and London-centric section starting off with a cool Wonderland line ending with a Tailblock/Sweeper variation that only Sox could get away with! Plenty of rad cameos in this part including Tom Bailey, Alan Harris and Carve Wicked affiliates Colin Adam and Sam Pulley.

    Taylor Jones is up next, beginning with an attempt on a trick at Tottenham that (I believe) only Dean has done before! He then proceeds to footplant the shit out of most of London including Stockwell, Victoria Park, Cantelowes and more, with a particularly rad Body Jar at Skaterham in the middle of a line.

    The almost obligatory RWTB section starts off with some cracking Blinky footage featuring a particularly gnarly back-focusing slam at Stockwell. He ends his bit by beanplanting over to new deal on a natural pyramid which looks rough as fuck! Cameos from various RWTB affiliates follow before ending in an extended Dean Greensmith part involving coping-defying rock and rolls and switch front rocks on possibly the weirdest wall of the Tottenham DIY...

    Top bloke Sam Roberts puts hurt on some of the quirkiest parks around Europe, with some dope footage from everyone’s favourite Innsbruck-ian plaza, before taking it to Dan Cates’ pool, Southbank and Stockwell (standup Stale!).

    Stevie Thompson brings a load of his signature foot plants to various parks including the excellent looking Lewes, before Josh Gislingham comes in and interrupts with his techer than average tranny skills, even including a Skaterham Eggplant!

    Next up is the Stockwell-focused friends section, with Ewen Bower having some gnarly footage on a temporary extension there, followed by a Bexhill street section.

    Jono himself has a little section with plenty of classic slams and a couple of Jon Mullis clips thrown in! Jono plants his way around the South and Europe, even up to the Kirkby quarters at one point! This section merges into Jordan Thackeray's section and, as is his USP, takes his unique style and trick choice to aload of terrain around London and Copenhagen - the Stockwell footage in particular is great. You can catch this section online, as Jono saw fit to publish it through Sidewalk the other week - 

    Following Jordan's part, we delve into the weirdness that is Dead Dave, Jozef Szklaruk and Brendan Watson's section, kicking off with some wallwalk shenanigans on the corner quarter at Saffron Walden! Jozef treats us to a Wooly Mammoth at Kirkby before moving to CPH, the Spot, Thaxted Miniramp and some natural crusty quarters. 

    Another friends section follows, with Alex Hallford, Ben Cook, Craig Wooley, Rob jones and more tearing Copenhagen a new one before we get a cool Skaterham section with Nick Rains and Paul Parker, followed by some cool Wappo footage in London and some North of the border action with Adam Paris, Aaron Wilmot and Ruari Britee Steer! Ending this section is some rad South coast footage of George Reilly at Lewes and Philippe Da Rosa at Shoreham and Saffron Walden.

    The penultimate section goes to ATV Evan Binge, who hits up loads of weirder than average street spots alongside Tottenham (the first line there is amazing!) and the London Bridge park.

    Capping off the video is Filippo Baronello, dude tears up everything in his path, performing an impeccably pointed Nosepick on the steep one at Stockwell + a properly held in Backside Tailslide at Cantelowes. Backlips over the doorway at the Spot are no joke either...

    Make sure you pick up a copy from Jono at your earliest convenience!