Chris Baillie Interview

  • Chris Baillie Interview

    Chris Baillie, Pivot Fakie in Ayr. This photo makes the spot look fun, it’s not! It’s so crusty, bits of the brick were falling out whilst I was doing it!  | Photo: Terence Castle.

    Hey Chris, could you give us your vital statistics please?

    Ok, I’m Chris Baillie, I’m 24 and I currently live in a seaside town called Ayr (about an hour south of Glasgow).

    I remember the first time I saw anything from you, Johnny Haynes had shot a photo of you at Whitley Bay skatepark along with some of Tbag, what do you remember from this trip? 

    I wasn't actually there the same day as Tbag, I wish I had been! That trip was really fun, Craig (of macbarn) drove us down, when we got to Whitley it was rammed full of scooter kids, fortunately a brief down pour of rain sent them all home, ten minutes later via some beers the sun was back and Johnny appeared, we exchanged hellos and were skating/chatting together, when I started trying the tailblock on the back wall he asked if he could shoot it, we went at it and ended up with some really rad photos! My Dad actually has that picture up on his wall which is really cool. 

    Alot of the stuff I see from you is at Shred Skatepark, you work there right? Could you tell us a little about the park and your role there?

    Yeah, I've been working there just over a year and a half, it's been a lot of fun! The park itself is owned by two BMX'ers (Dave & Craig) who've known me since I was a kid from the "Shitepark days" they made the first indoor skatepark in Ayrshire a reality, I’m beyond stoked for them. 

    My role is the same as most indoor parks, paying people in and serving people at the shop etc but the real rewarding part is taking the skate lessons, watching these kids progress so quickly and having so much fun doing it! Like… remember your first drop in and how stoked you were? Or your first 50-50? It's really cool to be a part of that! I try my best to keep them right, keep them away from garbage like Braille skateboarding and make them watch Mark Gonzales sections!

    Could you give us the lowdown on the Macbarn? Place looks so rad.

    Macbarn is sick, Craig (macdonald) pretty much taught me how to skate, he was always pushing me to try tricks and still is, he also took me on all sorts of road trips to different parks. I was just a kid when I met him but I think he saw how keen I was on skateboarding and he tried to keep me right. So I owe him a lot for that. The barn itself is full of crazy transitions, jigsaw pieced plywood and gnarly coping all pieced together by the man himself, some of the wood work is more like art than construction. It's always a good session up there, you don’t have to deal with any lurkers or scooters it’s just the homies! Get some drinks in and have fun with your friends, can't ask for much more!

    We had to go back and shoot this a second time, first time round we were losing light so it didn’t come out as sharp as we hoped. The second visit worked out perfect... got the call from Craig asking if I wanted to skate, I was already out with Terry and the sun was shining! | Photo: Terence Castle.

    How did you get hooked up by Wolfbeard? Seems like a cool little company and you and Martin certainly make a good team!

    I met Andy (owner) at the shitepark maybe 7/8 years ago, we skated a lot but he moved back up Glasgow way and we lost touch, after over 2 years of not speaking I got a phone call from him, the jist of it was that he was starting a board company and asked if I would test some boards / get involved, so we went from there and he put me on the team. Wolfbeard has been really good to me over the years, Andy always does his best to make sure we have a board and gives us lifts to events if he can. It’s been cool to be there from the beginning and watch the brand go through its phases and develop into what it is now. 

    As for Martin... what can I say... Martin is so good to watch and really fun to skate with, we always push each other; he's so unpredictable sometimes and comes away with some quirky but still gnarly stuff!

    Take us through your recent win at the Scottish Miniramp Champs? I imagine there was some pretty stiff competition judging by the guys who used to come down en mass for the Skegness one!

    So stoked on that one! It was slightly quieter than usual but the level of skating was high! Everyone smashed it and had fun, it just felt like a big session! 

    We had to go back and shoot this a second time, first time round we were losing light so it didn’t come out as sharp as we hoped. The second visit worked out perfect... got the call from Craig asking if I wanted to skate, I was already out with Terry and the sun was shining! | Photo: Terence Castle.

    You seem to travel about Scotland a fair bit, what gives you the motivation to do so and where are some of your favourite parks to visit?

    I try my best to get about as often as I can! My local is refered to as "the shitepark" tarmac ground, tin can ramps and built on a hill, every day for years we skated through broken glass, neds (chavs), sand/dirt, lurkers, junkies, steamers and scooters. It's a blessing and a curse, while it sucks as a local it made me truly appreciate going anywhere else and to make the most of it. There's nothing better than getting together with your friends and exploring the country/ world!

    Favourite parks in Scotland?

    Shit thats a hard one... in no order...  Inverness, Livi and Renfrew. 

    2 handed pivot fakie? Or a rocket Mayday? I have no idea what it’s called - called it an SOS for a while... Anyway this is Ayr Skatepark, folk call it the Shitepark, a tin can piece of shit I grew up skating. Broken glass and chavs everywhere. | Photo: Terence Castle.

    Thanks to: 

    Hanguponline, Wolfbeard, Shred skatepark, Ayr (S.P.3.OG), Renfrew (GD),

    Terry Castle, Craig Macdonald, my Mum and Dad, and anyone who has given me lifts all over the place over the many years (you know who you are).

    Armpit high Smith bash to hangup in. This is the second make, cracked my board in the middle on the rollout, went for a third attempt to film it and my board exploded! | Photo: Terence Castle.

    Front Feeble Fakie on a 3 foot vert jigsaw at the Macbarn. It’s in Ayrshire in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, The Bermuda Triangle! | Photo: Terence Castle.