5. Chris Russell's Die Like a Devil Part

  • 5. Chris Russell's Die Like a Devil Part

    The opening line is classic Russell and a statement of intent - invert, punishing the coping with an air into disaster, then muscling his way through an alley-oop 5-0.

    Plenty of great inverts throughout the part, fs inverts over channels, alley-oop Eggs, good buddies, switch / backwards inverts (Read Cab’s Chromeball interview for an insight into that one), a heavy Washington Street line culminating in an Invert fakie.

    Russell takes his patented airs to disaster to a variety of terrrain - The shocking Indy disaster at Red’s compound followed by the pool Ollie to board breaker, gapped Nosegrab to hangup and the signature sweeper disaster at FDR to name a few…

    Chris shows his technical chops with a number of tricks out of left field including; an air over the WSVT hip to front truck bash ala Julien Stranger, crooked grind to fakie over a deathbox and light, channel footplant, gap to frontside feeble at Bob’s. Two personal favourites are the Fakie 5-0 on vert as a set up trick, and the alley-oop 5050 to sugarcane at Leeside.