Ben Morris Interview and Video Part

  • Ben Morris Interview and Video Part

    I had this photo in mind from the beginning because I know for Ben, the bigger the ramp the more he can fly out the top. I’ve witnessed some pretty petrifying ones from Ben, including managing to hit his front and back wheels on the way whilst flying a few feet out, but that’s what makes him such a pleasure to watch and will have you not believing what he just got away with.

    Photos + Edit: Alan Harris, Questions: Sox and Brendan.

    How old are you, where are you from and what is your name?I’m 18, from Newport in Wales, my name’s Ben Morris.

    What tricks are you feeling at the moment?

    Slash grinds, frontside airs and backside airs are probably the most fun tricks.

    Who are your role models and why?

    Role models are Andy Mac, Chaz Michael Michaels and all of the group members of Boston. Just a bunch of legends.

    Managed to snap this on Spit and Sawdust’s lovely outdoor beer garden/mini, lovely mini ramp with slits in the coping to make it purr, nice transitions with a few added extras on the decking and a steep extension, not a easy trick for it but it didn’t seem to take Ben too long. 


    What’s it like skating in the Newport scene?

    The Newport scene’s good, all the locals skate the park proper sick. Everyone’s really into skating and keen to go different places and that.

    How did you manage to break the black heart of Beanhead and make him smile and acknowledge your existence? 

    Pretty much kept quoting films and tv programs to him until he wanted to be my friend, still working on it.


    Not sure was gonna try one once but I didn’t have the plums.

    “Imagine a roll in with a sausage roll… a sausage roll in.” This took a while to remember to buy a sausage roll on the way to Hereford but whilst we were trying to think of spots and things to take photos of, this sprung to mind pretty quick and was super fun to take a photo of.  

    If there was another thing you could be good at what would it be?

    If I could be good at anything it would probably be bowling. Pretty good skill to have.

    When was the first time you saw skating, video or in person?

    My brother skating on the flat outside my house, he showed me Extremely Sorry the same day.

    Newport skatepark can be pretty ridiculous, what does an average trip to the park consist of? 

    Skating the bowl mostly. All the coping makes a really good noise and the transitions good for doing jumps and that.

    Slash grinds or Stand up grinds? 

    I think a mix between the two. But a long slash grind is nice.

    George Michael or Boston? 

    Hard choice but it’s gotta be George, on fruitiness alone.

    Whilst getting my car fixed we had two hours and couldn’t think of anywhere to try skate, this spot that Pulley had created earlier in the year came to mind and we went to have a look. The jersey barrier had moved away from the quarter so there was an inch gap from the transitions to the wall so it wasn’t flush but it surprisingly didn’t effect it too much. 


    I have noticed you popping up with the fellas on Tidy Mike’s clips, some of those places look amazing, where have you been travelling over this non-stop summer? 

    Been going quite a few places with the boys; Hereford, Bath, Burryport and Rob’s Bowl spring to mind. The new vert ramp in Taunton is really fun! Went to Shoreham not long ago which probably has one of the best bowls in the UK I reckon.

    Any thing planned? 

    Going to Copenhagen and probably just gonna try make the most out of the summer!


    Shout out to Alan for taking photos, Steve, Jamie, Johnny, Ollie, Phillip, Kevin, Peter and all the boys.

    This wall is big and quite hard to get to, so this FSA is pretty jaw dropping, I had a few others with the hand not as cropped, but I like this one so there we go. We were super lucky to get this park and not a generic park, it’s cool that skatepark companies want to include a little bit of everything, but it’s nice that we have some big transitions that is not like anything else in the UK. Big thanks to Youngo and everyone that helped get it done!

    Fastplant, Cwmbran. I’m pretty sure Bummo learnt this trick whilst taking this photo, it didn’t take long at all and I’m happy with how it came out. We have these perfect blocks in Morrisons Cwmbran and you don’t really get kicked out skating them. If they were anywhere else in the country I’m sure they would get rinsed, but we all love the transitions, so all the edges are still square.