Basque Country for Old Men

  • Basque Country for Old Men

    Words and Photos: Jerome Loughran
    Intro and Edit: Marc Churchill

    When the phone buzzes and you have been added to a group chat with Carl Wilson, 
    Mark Munson, Jerome Loughran and French, you know something rad is going down! After scanning the words Trip, Basque Country & Shredding, along with the hype that the people in the chat bring, I was INHaving spent a lot of time on the road in both the UK & US with these dudes, I knew that the trip would be amazing, but coupled with the concrete offerings of the northern Spain region it was 100% guaranteed. The premise of the trip was to escape the looming UK winter, but to also see if five old men in or around their forties could still get shit done! The following is an insight into the trip, minus the hostel room farts, constant barrage of bunk bed banter, piss taking, shouting, casual swearing, abusive yoga (?), and crying with laughter... Mission Accomplished!



    Mark Munson, Invert, Soplena

    Mark is out to "Get Shit Done,”  he hasn’t really got a chill setting and is out to push himself at everything, "there’s no point being here if you ain't gonna smash it.” Mark loves giving abuse but it is a torrent of abuse that comes from a good place; his abuse is positive and often makes you land something you think wasn’t gonna happen. Clocking up the most photos of the trip proves he’s still got it. We hit up Soplena on the first day, which looks over the sea - quite breathtaking, but in typical fashion we got told off by the local cops for driving across private land to park the car by the park. 

    Mark, One foot carve grind, Soplena.


    Carl Wilson, Crailslide.

    Carl Wilson AKA Potter is the second of the Essex contingent. Carl can skate anything and is a real ATV. At the end of the trip we hit up Solo park near Santander right on the beach, with no shade somehow - we were all melting in the midday heat. Carl is there smashing it about filming lines, I actually think he’s part reptile. If you ever hit Solo park check the concrete wave, it’s mental.

    Carl Wilson, Frontside Air Bash.

    French, Front Rock, La Kantera.

    Spending time with mates that know your little tweaks and how to wind you up in a moments notice is key to every good trip. We shared a dorm at the Surf hostel outside Bilbao, where we all returned each night after a long day of skateboard abuse to have a hot bath and some yoga in the cramped dorm room. If you are near forty, it’s the only way you can skate day after day. (A foam roller was heavy used in the production of this Ollie up smith stall by Marc). Maybe Salba has a point. French was unlucky enough to come to the trip late and has to witness this horrible sight every night laughing his head off at us (As French don’t stretch). Front rock on the steepest part of Algorta park.

    Marc Churchill, Ollie up to Smith.

    Marc Churchill, Lipslide, La Kantera.

    If you are over thirty, you will know that time to get a skate trip like this is a logistical nightmare. Dealing with work and family life are all major factors, Marc was the driving force to get this trip going, sending me links to parks getting me hyped, Marc’s a gear geek which meant that he was keen to get his GoPro going on this trip, of which you will be able to see the clip on the edit here. Marc likes a good slam, in fact he likes smashing himself to bits, often swearing at the same time. His Uphill Backside Tailslide at Las Arenas park involved fewer slams and profanities, so he must have really hated it.


    Mark Munson, Crailslide.

    Mark Munson, Invert.