Forde Brookfield Talks Baghead Kiills 2

  • Forde Brookfield Talks Baghead Kiills 2

    Jozef Szklaruk | Sweeper | Paris | Photo: Mike Simons

    Hey man, stoked to see Baghead Kiills 2, you've been hyping it for a while! Could you give us a brief history of yourself / Baghead?

    Hey dude, thank you! It's been a long time in the making.

    Baghead Crew started around 2010 as a skateboarding company when I was working in The Ledge Skate Shop. It was mainly as a way to release edits and other various videos under instead of just throwing footage away online that's soon forgotten. It took us a while to grasp a solid foundation of skateboarders and people who wanted to be involved within the crew that would push forward onto filming a full video. Obviously as time dragged on, some people became less interested where as some people grew fonder of the idea of our first video and for a lot of them involved, their first full official sections in a full length video. 
    It took us just under two years to film it and everyone went in. We went into it with no idea of filming a full video and a lot of the dudes in it had never worked towards a full part or even been too keen on skating street that much, so we literally had to start from the bottom and just figure it out as we went along.

    Jim Spencer | Nose Manual | Photo: Mike Simons

    How long has it been in progress?

    I was aiming for under two years again but that never plays out how you want it to. It's good to set a deadline so you've something to work towards but it also applies a little too much pressure to certain people and they can't skate knowing the date is lingering. So for the first year and a half, I just go with it and see where I'm at. After that length of time I can determine who has enough footage for a full part and who needs to work on a little more. If they don't come through with a full part I'll happily split a part, especially if the split part is equally amazing as a full part.

    Not everyone can film a full part due to work or general life. We all work full time, so getting it done can be a bastard because you're working against free time - but it always seems to work out.

    Who's got parts in it and how'd you choose who got in?

    There's more parts in this video compared to our first full length. 

    This video features; Cameron Linford, Dominic Dulin, Jazz Wade, Ryan Wright, Jim Spencer, Jozef Szklaruk, Jasper Clough, George Chapple, Will Odiete, Dominic Padgett & Jed Taylor and Tim Hines & Sam Keizer. The video is broken up quite nicely with some fun bits in between parts which I think rounds up the video nicely. It also has a fucking banging friends section!

    Done much travelling for the video?

    General spots around the midlands and other areas of the U.K. are the standard locations as they're close to us and easily accessible. We've all travelled to Paris and Spain and gathered up some amazing footage along the way. I believe everyone's section has footage from a different country in it. I took a few days to Snowdonia/Bangor, North Wales to meet Jasper Clough, and he visited Leicester to finish off a few bits of his part. The weather was so hit and miss and a lot of their spots are so rugged. Props to Jasper and all the dudes in Wales, their spots are rough as fuck.

    Jasper Clough | Frontside Wallride | Melton Mowbray | Photo: Sam North

    Is the video entirely self funded? Always a big effort.

    Yeah dude, the video is 100% self funded. We all pay for our travel, all help each other out and give rides to spots whenever we can. Makes it a lot more tight if it's all self funded because you've only got yourself to report to. We've had a helping hand with clothing and boards from various companies who all wanted to help out which is incredible. Anytime I get clothing, boards or hardware from anyone I message the group to find out their sizes and requirements and just give them to the crew.

    How'd you come up with that amazing Clockwork Orange logo?

    The logo was designed by Joe Vozza. We were joking one day and he said he'd be able to copy any logo because he smashes design work - I'm lazy and shit at it. I fired him over the idea to make a logo based on A Clockwork Orange because it's one of the greatest movies ever made, is it not? Our first trailer for our first full length was based from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. General film styles, clips and aesthetics always fair nice with making logos or incorporating them into edits/full lengths. 

    Jazz Wade | Pivot grab | Melton Mowbray | Photo: Tom Quigley

    You've said Baghead Kiills 2 is mainly street footage, but I know you love the tranny! Whats your favourite transition trick you've filmed for the video?

    Fuck, that's a hard one but very true, the majority of this video is street footage. I fucking love skating park and tranny but it's hard to film it and present it to people and everyone be hyped on it. Skateboarding is in a good place at the moment with mixing street and transitional footage together but people are still very anal with it, so the general option is to keep it street. Obviously DIY and concrete bowl footage is always welcomed - I general tend to stay away from park footage because whenever I'm watching it, I usually think 'I bet they can do that every go'. That's not a bad thing, but if it's a harsh DIY or fucking gnarly concrete bowl or transition, I'm more hyped to watch it because it's a rough spot or generally just fucking rad.

    Watch any Henry Swampy Moore footage and tell me that you could go to his bowl and do any of your standard transition tricks and I'll laugh. I went to his bowl maybe 10 times with a plan of lines and tricks that I, and everyone else wanted to do and I can honestly say 99% of the time everyone failed because that bowl was the hardest thing I've ever skated in my life. Watch Swampys BAGHEAD KILLS part and just admire the whole thing. ONLY Swampy can skate that bowl. I miss Swampy, I wish he was in BAGHEAD KILLS II, but I can't find him. Rumor has it, he lives somewhere deep in the woods.

     Baghead Kiills II premieres at The Boardroom Skatepark, Leicester on Saturday the 4th of February, full details on the flyer below!

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