8. Alex Hallford in Lovenskate's Don't Worry Gordo

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  • 8. Alex Hallford in Lovenskate's Don't Worry Gordo

    Due to previous edits and videos from filmer Jackson Davis, we were stoked to see he was filming the latest Lovenskate video; Don’t Worry Gordo, the Universe Will Get Us There.

    Read Dave Morgan’s review of the video here.

    A great intro clip featuring Alex warming up with a few lines on the Faelledparken vert ramp set the overall tone of the part - like a lot of Jackson’s clips, the part successfully mixes casual street / mess around footage (The nollie flip line, reminding me of Rogie’s purposeful nollie flip in his Magic Sticky Hand part) with some genuinely incredible clips (The body varial bowl line). This mix works due in part to Alex’s supremely laid-back style and trick selection, the consistently great soundtrack choices Jackson makes, as well as the vibe of Lovenskate itself.

    Within the part are various lines and tricks that showcase Alex’s creativity - slappy nosegrinding to fakie into a bowl followed by the rarely seen fakie bigspin to blunt, the Livi Cab to Nosepick, as well as plenty of gnar - the Wonderland 5050, overturned vert backside air.

    The ender takes one of the gnarliest tricks conceivable to one of the gnarliest spots (anyone who hasn’t seen Grant Johnstone’s slam off the side needs to watch Dalriada!)

    Alex earned a well-deserved pro nod after this part, although you’d be hard pressed to ignore his constant presence at every comp around Europe he can get to - Be sure to check out Jackson’s You Slid Through edit from their summer trip to Oregon / Washington!