Review: Adam Todhunter's Domesday

  • Review: Adam Todhunter's Domesday

    Domesday Vol. 1 is a publication crossing the boundary between a local zine and a professional publication, heavily documenting the scenes in two of the northerly scenes in England. Accompanying the zine is a near twenty minute edit featuring many of the tricks seen in the zine.

    On receipt of the zine, I was pleasantly to surprised to find a fair few stickers included, but most importantly I was surprised by the quality of the zine. It's a perfect bound(!), 64 page, full colour (+ black and white images) booklet with a large gallery section followed by interviews with Ross Zajac, Will Creswick and Krishna Muthurangu on his recent Newcastle scene vid Northern Souls. The zine is scattered with black and white photos of many of those featured, both skate shots and portraits, which helps tie it together visually to the double spread cover shot.

    The zine begins with a gallery section comprised of particularly awkward looking street spots. Highlights in this include a double exposure of one of Jeremy Jones' trademark Ollies and a very well executed Switch Wallie at a difficult to skate central Newcastle spot from Connor North.

    Connor switch Wallies where many have wallied before, aided and unaided...

    The next feature is an interview with Will Creswick. Photos here include the No Comply Noseblunt used for a recent Descent ad and the Ollie over the handrail into one of the sketchiest self-made runouts I've seen for a while! But my favourite one in the interview is a particularly well timed still of a ride on No Comply Tailslide, a hard trick to get a decent still of! The interview covers some interesting ground such as Will's recent travels to Malaysia and the differences between skateboarding in London and Newcastle.

    Bad photo of Adam's good photo

    Next up is an interview with Krishna Muthurangu discussing his latest Newcastle scene video, Northern Souls. Some real long an informative answers to Adam's questions from Bish here, including an in depth run down of all of Bish's videos so far. He also recalls how he met / decided a couple of the guys in video would have parts, Josh Cobbin and The Cougar. Some of the best photos in the zine in my opinion, are included in this section, namely an atmospheric shot of Dean Kieran Kickflip Wallriding over the gap at Washington's V bridge, and two shot-shutter shots of Michael Kelly Lipsliding the Cinema 8 stair rail in Sunderland, and the Cougar 180ing a large road gap near Sunniside Plaza also in Sunderland. 

    The last of the main features in the zine is an interview with Cumbria's Ross Zajac covering the differences between skateboarding in Glasgow and rural Cumbria followed by a number of questions on the rad sounding Glasgow skate scene and a particularly gnarly sounding slam story.

    The zine closes out with another gallery section, with photos including Dan Main, Jimmy Boyes and Calum Adams.

    Possibly my favourite shot of the whole zine, Calum Adams goes where only Ricky Oyola has gone before.

    You can still get Domesday Vol 1 here! Do it and help Adam to get Volume 2 out!