Adam Kay Interview

  • Adam Kay Interview

    Adam is an animal, if you haven’t seen him laying waste to the grotty seaside streets of Blackpool, then you’ve probably seen him blowing up on Instagram - Instagram’s most productive G. He’s been around killing it for a while now, I remember seeing all four foot of him decked out in tracks in Ramp City way back when I was wearing skull bandanas. But is now starting to get the recognition that he truly deserves. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Interview: Ryan Robinson. Photos: Josh Sanderson

    Adam rips every corner of Moor Park. For more, watch Wintertide below!

    Yo man, what’s good! In the words of Cilla Black, what’s your name and where you from, for those of us who don’t know?

    So I was born in Manchester 1994 and ventured to the lovely Blackpool seaside around 2004, two years later I started skateboarding and that’s when the fun started!

    Blackpool resident since 1996, nice. How is the scene back in Blackpool?

    The scene growing up, for me was really fun, having met the right sort of crowd and knowing how small Blackpool is, everyone knows everyone, so the skate community is like a family vibe. For those who don’t know Blackpool, it’s the place with the small version of the Eiffel tower, rollercoasters, crazy people and crackheads other than that it’s a beautiful place.

    Adam Backside Noseblunts on a hard to reach quarter, first seen on the Hangup Zine 5 cover.

    Surely the weather’s gotta be an issue?

    Yeah, Blackpool is quite a cold place throughout the whole year, you get the odd week of heat now and again. As for skate spots there are quite a few cheeky ones as you may have seen and a few indoor & outdoor skateparks too. Having a local skatepark (Jubilee Gardens) at the end of my road mainly influenced me in to skateboarding.

    Your Mum used to run a skate night, is that right?

    Before ‘Air’ was a skatepark me, my Mum and a few friends used to set up a skatepark in the YMCA badminton courts every Friday night, homemade kickers, quarters, boxes… everything you can think of. Was all DIY but helped fundraise for ‘Air’ which is a permanent skatepark open seven days a week.

     That’s rad man. As a kid/growing up you used to always be strictly transition, tracksuit transition. But recently you've been getting a lot more heat in the streets, any preference in the two?

    Throughout my skateboarding life I have always been a transition sort of guy, as much as I love all types of skateboarding. Back in the day there would be a crew on the skatepark that would use the mini as a run up towards the grind ledge, so a lot of people used to stand in the mini - as for myself I was always the kid to be like “hey look out I’m trying skate the halfpipe here.” So growing up skateboarding I’ve always loved the transition side of things, but as I’ve got older I’ve become a sucker for the streets, especially when you see that smooth top to bottom of a set and you just know that goodness.

    So, on the topic of Blackpool and stacking footage, we've got ATB Collective, for those who don't know can you explain a bit about the ting there?

    ATB Collective  are a big part of my push through skateboarding. I first met Jake Powell in the early years of skating, at the start mainly just tagged along on a few trips around the ‘pool which gave me the real good skate love and family feel, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be doing what I do.

    The ATB Collective's Wintertide clip that was released to accompany Adam's Interview in the zine.

    Youve been over to Barcelona a few timesHow is it over there? Have you got any plans to go back? I'm sure i saw something about a trip coming soon?

    It’s a place where you can always find that relaxing vibe, it has beautiful weather all the time, nice girls and so many spots to hit! There is never a point where you’re  stuck for something to do, there is always something going on or to skate. A few of the ATB/Tuesdays gang are going out there this year sometime, so no doubt there will be a video of some madness from the geezas and gangstwaaas keep your eyes out on the ‘gram there’s always something going down!

    Ah, the ‘gram, that brings me back to my next question, Do you think its important to be active on social media? I see you're throwing up bangers on the daily, not just old throwaway shit! Me… I’m undecided.

    Yeah I like to try and stay active throughout social media. I have filmed quite a lot with Jake Powell/ATB and when I look back I can see the year of progression and good vibes, show everyone what’s going on.

    Youve just got on Tuesdays Skateshop, how did this come about for those who don't know?

    Recently I’ve been skating with Tuesday’s Tom Cottam, absolute killa. We have been hitting as many skateparks as possible as the weather has been grim. 

    Through skating with Tom I’ve been welcomed to the Tuesdays Skateshop family which is so rad! It’s skater owned and in Bolton, so I’m looking forward to attacking many new goals, meeting new people and going new places with the crew, so big ups Tuesdays! Much love, you have my 1hunna support!

    Tom Back Tails and Nosepicks at Newbird, both to Fakie.

     What’s next then? Anything in the pipeline we should keep our eyes out for?

    Recently moving back to Manchester has been such a good experience, the skate culture and people are cool as fuck! This year I would like to keep the push strong, venturing and hitting new places with the homies ATB & TUESDAYS capturing all the goodness along the way! Not to mention we've been filming like crazy, stacking that footage with man for some online business too. So keep ‘em peeled.