Park: 4Motion - Darlington

  • 14/12/14 - Tyne Tees Slam Jam 2014

    The Lesser Seen Beanie Tom

    Various mans on deck

    Will Creswick, Backside Lipslide

    Will Creswick, Backside Smith

    Blinky, Alley Oop Backside Air for Sunderland

    The comps began on the big rail, Kurt Mitchell Backside Lipslide

    Stephen Blythe Feebles

    The comps moved onto various parts of the park including the blocks, flatbar and hip, here Regan Nollies the bench during the box jam

    Mani Haddon No Complies the box

    Final comp of the day was over the doorway, Ben Cook starts it off with a jumped beanplant fakie.

    Adam Lynn did a few tricks including cannonball over the doorway and this kickflip.

    Ben C continues his assault with this blunt fakie.

    Blinky starts off with a backside boneless.

    First try Dual Citizenship over the hole.

    Blinky with an Invert, also nearly had it over the hole.

    Ben C ends with the claimed Feeble Fakie.

    Dean Boyle joined in towards the end of the jam with a few tricks, including this Frontside Air.

    Blinky ends the final jam with a smooth nosegrind tailgrab

    Dean again with a (just) post-jam Frontside Crailslide

    Jam organiser Dave about to give out the prizes.

  • 09/02/14 - Pre-Opening Jam

    Main Box



    Will Creswick, 180 Fakie 5050

    Quarter and Wallride

    Blinky, Frontside Stalefish

    Joe Howard, Frontside Air