• Masher: Concrete Jungle

    Chris Gregson’s occasional but always excellent Thrasher series returns with a heavy crew tearing up São Paulo! Featuring Murilo Peres, Vi Kakinho, Tristan Rennie, Vincent Matheron and more.

  • Heroin Skateboards’ Earth Goblin

    Heroin's latest full length, featuring Zane Timpson, Dead Dave, Frank Shaw, Tom Day and the rest!

  • Benny Voges and Camdon Davis at I-Punkt Skateland

    The second edit in our occasional series from Benny Voges and crew over in Hamburg! Benny and Camdon Davis session the I-Punkt bowl. Filmed by Timo Schroder.

  • TR7 Skatepark Opening Day

    TR7’s edit from the opening day of their new park, featuring Diggs English, Alex Hallford, Sox, Jordan Thackeray, Chester Pegg and more!

  • Professional Thaxx

    Alex Diss / Hell Yeah Son’s retrospective edit celebrating Jordan Thackeray’s pro nod for Lovenskate!

  • Hangup's Best Parts of 2019

    Our recap edit from our Year's Best Parts posts. Click here to read every write up!

  • Olde Trip | Nottingham Scene Video

    Neil Turner's incredible Nottingham scene video. Plenty more radness than just Alex Hallford's Fullpipe loop...

    Featuring: Alex Hallford, Tommy May, Chris ‘Bambi’ Price, Adam Gaucher, Jordan Thackeray, Lewis Threadgold, Luke Humphries, Will Golding, Tom Shaw-Weston, Nick Hanson, Jacob Bettinson, Craig Smedley, Ian Rees and more.

  • 1. Erick Winkowski in Santa Cruz's 'Til the End Vol. 3

    Almost forgot about this one! Erick’s deserved closer part in Santa Cruz’s ‘Til the End Vol. 3.

    The part is split into two pretty distinct sections, street and tranny. The street part contains plenty of Erick’s staples; fakie ollies, switch fs shuvs and increasingly precarious handrails, interspersed with properly technical tricks including kickflip backside tailslides and nollie flips - performed with his own unique style and setup choices of course. The transition section opens with the highlight of the part, an extended Invert section featuring some pretty incredible examples as we’ve come to expect from Winkowski - Invert Back smith stall to fakie, frontside invert to fakie to name a few… Still can’t believe he took the ender to fakie either…

  • 2. Ronnie Sandoval in Vans' Take it Back

    Ronnie's first part after returning from a horrific injury doesn't disappoint! Anyone who thought he might take it a little more easily for a while afterwards was wrong (myself included) - a question from Thrasher's accompanying interview highlights this fact somewhat...

    When the doctor said you could start skating again, what was it like stepping on your board? What was the first session like?
    I skated to Peck Park and the first thing I wanted to do was the trick that broke my knee. I had a knee brace, kind of a knee protection over my patella. Everyone was kinda tripping. I didn’t say hi to anybody; I just had my headphones on. I dropped in, did a couple grinds, did the backside air, left and went home. That was the first time I stepped on my board. That’s all I was thinking about: I gotta do this trick that took me out.

    My first thought upon re-watching the part to write this, after seeing Ronnie inside the currently disused Channel Street DIY, was how good a current Ronnie Sandoval part filmed exclusively there could be, hopefully it won't be too long before we can find that out with the news that the San Pedro DIY park will reopen soon!

    A lengthy first line at Lower Bobs sets the intent for the part - hitting walls backside before a quick crooked grind over the central hip before ending in a blasted boneless hangup. The line is incredibly well follow-filmed, which is a running theme throughout the part be it through diy parks, pools or skateparks. 

    Throughout the part, Ronnie hits up a variety of terrain including diy parks, vert ramps, various pools and even a couple of street spots, culminating in taking his signature crailslide to ridiculous levels at a well documented, but never crailslid, bank to rail spot.

    His last ten tricks in the part, the last ten in the whole video, need to be seen to be believed so I won't spoil them here, just go ahead and watch the part if you somehow haven't already and be amazed, again.

    All this after an incredible Pedro Barros part...

  • 3. Adam Hopkins in Three in the Front

    As soon as the soundtrack to this one kicked in, along with the first line (back smith, kickflip indy, I knew this part would get into the top ten…

    Hitting spots, parks, pools, fullpipes and diy around Canada and America, there’s as many varied clips as their are types of terrain. Frontside bluntsliding a concreted-up barrier followed by a big spin flip, a couple of heavy Leeside clips, nosegrinding on tranny and at the end of street lines and one of the best roll-in grinds we’ve seen for a while…

  • 4. Elijah Akerley in Stay Awaysted

    Always a solid bet to put out some great footage, Elijah Akerley has been a firm favourite in these parts for the last few years - and his part in the Stay Awaysted video certainly didn’t disappoint!

    The part begins transition-heavy, with a couple of great pool lines including some excellent frontside feeble grinds - always good to see on pool coping! It then moves into the street section, via a couple of diy + ditch tricks.

    Some highlights;

    • A fine specimen of a smith to tailslide - both parts fully locked in and slid!

    • Straight into a nosegrind over a pool hip.

    • Backside nosebluntslide into a hectic ditch ride out.

    • Feeble fakie at a famous ditch / wall spot.

  • 5. Chris Russell's Die Like A Devil Part

    The opening line is classic Russell and a statement of intent - invert, punishing the coping with an air into disaster, then muscling his way through an alley-oop 5-0.

    Plenty of great inverts throughout the part, fs inverts over channels, alley-oop Eggs, good buddies, switch / backwards inverts (Read Cab’s Chromeball interview for an insight into that one), a heavy Washington Street line culminating in an Invert fakie.

    Russell takes his patented airs to disaster to a variety of terrrain - The shocking Indy disaster at Red’s compound followed by the pool Ollie to board breaker, gapped Nosegrab to hangup and the signature sweeper disaster at FDR to name a few…

    Chris shows his technical chops with a number of tricks out of left field including; an air over the WSVT hip to front truck bash ala Julien Stranger, crooked grind to fakie over a deathbox and light, channel footplant, gap to frontside feeble at Bob’s. Two personal favourites are the Fakie 5-0 on vert as a set up trick, and the alley-oop 5050 to sugarcane at Leeside.

  • 6. Charlie Martin's Welcome to Team Pain Part

    This part came out of nowhere and blew us away! There’s an incredible section early in the part where Charlie skates a vert bowl, making a couple of inverts that I’ve never seen before, Nosebluntsliding(!) through a tight corner in the deep end, before frontside Losi grinding through the same corner…

    Charlie seems to be able to do every kind of trick in the gnarliest of terrain; blasted, tweaked and kickflipped into Stalefishes, all the inverts (one including a 540) Grosso-style bs fastplants, frontside bluntsliding shallow end stairs and even front rock sliding over light and deathbox.

  • 7. John Worthington's Backyard Burn Down

    Not many look as solid in a pool as John Worthington! Proper stand ups over deathbox and light, fully locked in bs smiths over stairs, switch backside disasters and fully airing various ways out of deep ends.

    There’s examples throughout the part of tricks that you’d usually see performed in other disciplines taken to pools; various alley-oops (lipslide, 5-0, tailslide), fakie frontside feeble fakie, switch back disasters, frontside lipslide to smith, frontside losi to name a few. This shows how much of an ATV John is whilst filming most of the part in pools.

  • Antihero’s Arbitrary Function

    The final edit in Antihero's Implosionistic Tendencies series!

  • 8. Alex Hallford in Lovenskate's Don't Worry Gordo

    Due to previous edits and videos from filmer Jackson Davis, we were stoked to see he was filming the latest Lovenskate video; Don’t Worry Gordo, the Universe Will Get Us There.

    Read Dave Morgan’s review of the video here.

    A great intro clip featuring Alex warming up with a few lines on the Faelledparken vert ramp set the overall tone of the part - like a lot of Jackson’s clips, the part successfully mixes casual street / mess around footage (The nollie flip line, reminding me of Rogie’s purposeful nollie flip in his Magic Sticky Hand part) with some genuinely incredible clips (The body varial bowl line). This mix works due in part to Alex’s supremely laid-back style and trick selection, the consistently great soundtrack choices Jackson makes, as well as the vibe of Lovenskate itself.

    Within the part are various lines and tricks that showcase Alex’s creativity - slappy nosegrinding to fakie into a bowl followed by the rarely seen fakie bigspin to blunt, the Livi Cab to Nosepick, as well as plenty of gnar - the Wonderland 5050, overturned vert backside air.

    The ender takes one of the gnarliest tricks conceivable to one of the gnarliest spots (anyone who hasn’t seen Grant Johnstone’s slam off the side needs to watch Dalriada!)

    Alex earned a well-deserved pro nod after this part, although you’d be hard pressed to ignore his constant presence at every comp around Europe he can get to - Be sure to check out Jackson’s You Slid Through edit from their summer trip to Oregon / Washington!

  • Blood Wizard’s The Occült Part Three

    Waited a while for this one! The third part in Blood Wizard’s The Occült series sees personal favourites Tristan Rennie and Kevin Kowalski put out excellent full parts!

  • 9. Myles Willard's Programming Injection Part

    One of the better introductory parts in recent years, but one that seems to have been a little overlooked compared to some of the other parts released from the video, or even other recent introductory parts!

    Wallie-ing his way straight out of Baltimore and shooting a couple of notable photos including the switch wallie / wallride on the thumbnail below and getting a Thrasher cover shortly after getting on, Myles made an instant impression even before the release of this part featuring the footage of those tricks. Covering all personal taste bases with mastery of various disciplines including deep switch skills (Nollie fs flip, switch backlip shove line at 0:29, switch back tails and switch front feebles) and wallies (The polejam section at 1:07 and plenty more…) There’s even evidence of transition skills in the accompanying Thrasher interview…

    A probable highlight on rewatching is an explosive Nollie FS Heel over a handrail into a crusty bank - this clip exemplifies the part somewhat, especially the type of under the radar spot Myles seems to prefer.

  • 10. Zach Riley and Sam Murgatroyd in Blips

    When I realised that the two guys I was most looking forward to seeing in the video had a shared part, I was initially disappointed. Watching the part though, it makes sense to group these two together - both skate everything and have great, unique styles.

    The transition footage is placed on an equal standing throughout the part, with no park section and minimal black and white footage (and even then the b/w footage is used throughout the video for intros etc)

    Early on in the part is a great section at Tottenham where both bring a new approach and possible nbd’s to the spot (Zach’s lipslide transfer, Sam’s bluntslide to fakie over the doorway and one foot frontside pivot).

    Sam is the more technical throughout, heelflipping out of Tailslides, a couple of great manual rolls, road gap Nollie 360 flip. Probably our favourite clip in the part is his switch front blunt at the venerable Gateshead quarter pipe spot, riding out through the pothole at the base of the ramp, switch.

    Zach looks out of control in the best way possible, hitting various wallrides and non-spots. At one point slash grinding a transitioned car park wall on the run up to the actual trick as though it was an afterthought. Performs an incredible bluntslide at Livi down the escalator…

  • Oski Orange Label

    Great new part from Oski - plenty of pool footage!

  • Team Trouble 2019

    Words + Photos: Alan Maag

    Team Trouble Laax 2019 is 10 days old and you probably seen Hallford shutting the whole thing down with his last second 540 and Sam Beckett hitting the roof of the newly built vert ramp on Instagram. We lost track of what went where already so we just put together two folders with a LOT of pictures. You'll find a whole bunch of skate shots and loads of impressions shot by Thibault Lenours and me, Alan Maag, plus an edit of the Live Stream cut by Sean Nguyen and filmed by him, Skiby Bobaj and Jackson Davis.

    Alex Hallford // 540 // ©Thibault Lenours

    In the end there was no real winner cause the Lovenskate and Pocket Fluff lads decided to split pots due to the fact that Sam Beckett got injured during the final run. The Vans Team came in third and came fourth. It's kinda weird to write this ranking cause it felt like there was just one big session out there...

    Apart of that there was Jordan and Sox winning the Best Double Award and Martino Cattaneo winning the Best Grind Award on Friday night. Clearly we're not able to remember who exactly got some Swiss Franks out of the Cash for Tricks session, but Sam Beckett obviously crowned the first Vert Session by hitting the roof and knocking on the door for a possible Vert Jam next year.

    Sam Beckett // Roofie // ©Alan Maag

    The whole thing keeps getting better and better. The right people are coming back every year, bringing along friends. The staff organising all is growing through every event and giving their best getting things along all smoothly.  The crowd gets louder and louder. We're getting more Bands up there. And the skating just hit the roof this year. Too many thing went down, so just hit the link and scroll through the folders. Pick what you want. All stuff is free of use in regard to contest documentation and hit me up if I can be of help with any words.

    Oh right.. And keep your eyes open for the Team Trouble BBQ edit by Bobaj of our summer tour hitting the THRASHER Website sooner or later.

    Pick up a copy of Hangup Zine 12 for Alan’s article from the Team Trouble BBQ tour…

    Sam Beckett | Madonna

    Ben Broyd | Invert

    Fede Boldini | One Foot Tailblock

    David Sanchez | Grind into Extension

    Ben Broyd | Slob Fastplant

    Alex Hallford | Lien

    Aaron Wilmot | Bluntslide Transfer

  • Honourable Mention: Ronnie Sandoval and Robbie Russo in Duets

    Ronnie and Robbie shared a part in Transworld’s shared parts video, Duets. The overall vibe of the part is two mates hitting up some parks and pools together, making it properly relatable - putting aside the pretty unrelatable gnarliness of the tricks documented.

    Plenty of great new footage of the far too rarely seen Robbie Russo is interspersed with the relatively prolific in comparison Ronnie footage. A great pool line and no comply tailslide single from Robbie kick the part off with a bang! From there, it’s mostly tricks one after the other at various parks and pools, before Ronnie closes it out with an awkward Nosegrind Tailgrab…

  • Hangup Zine 12 Out Now!

    Hangup Zine 12 out now.

    Click here to buy your copy!

    In this issue;

    • A recap of some of our favourite video releases in 2019,
    • Ginger’s Back to Basics article, where he gives his opinion as to why the ‘80’s is still such a source of inspiration for today’s youth, featuring Sam Barnard, Daniel Tabakin, Nasir Roumou and Will Kirkby-Rampling.
    • Alan Maag’s article from The Pusillanimous Tour, featuring a combined crew of the best Swiss and UK heads including Alex Hallford, Jordan Thackeray, Ewen Bower, Martino Cattaneo, Sven Kilchenmann and more!
    • The usual gallery section from regular contributors Craig Dodds, Danny Parker and John Finucane, featuring Seamus O'Flaherty, Jake Sparham, Gareth Leak, Max Hawke, Seth Kirk and Rooie Nelis
    • And Baghead Crew’s Funeral video premiere advertisement.
    • On the cover is Alex Hallford Crail air blocking to fakie, shot by Alan Maag.

  • Baillie

    Iron Giraffe released a new part from Chris Baillie, filmed around Scotland.

    Read our interview with Baillie here.

  • Backyard Barging 5

    The best one of these yet! John Worthington has some great lines…

  • Hangup TBT | Ace Pelka's Skate Juice 2 Part

    This week's TBT is number six in last year's best parts countdown - Ace Pelka in Skate Juice 2!

    Maybe the most well-rounded part in our top ten, Ace Pelka's Skate Juice 2 begins with a street section which includes everything from switch crooks at Pier 7 to wallwalks, Nollie backside flips to ride on grinds... The second half of the part continues in a similar vein but with a transition slant and so many cool tricks. Fastplants, inverts and airs, alongside more technical tricks like nosegrinds and various shove it noseblunts, capped off with the switch front foot impossible noseblunt to end all switch front foot impossible noseblunts!

    Filmed and edited by Brent Hyden.

  • Mill Lane Presents... Tay Ray

    Young ripper Tay Ray around Southern England and into the Basque Country!

  • Year's Best Part Honourable Mention: Raney Beres in Garble Barf

    Here’s the first in our honourable mentions on the run up to our year’s best parts top ten countdown - Starts on the 22nd of December!

    We’ve long since held the theory that Raney Beres is the reincarnation of various Anti-Hero riders from different eras and even though his footage in the Implosionistic Tendencies: Garble Barf edit isn’t edited into a traditional part, it’s still great enough to be included in our year’s best part shortlist!

    Echoes of Andy Roy at his best along with his noseslides, Peter Hewitt’s pool chops and invert technique, John Cardiel’s handrail habit and he even puts one down on the bowl to rail made famous by AH affiliate Phil Shao!

  • Spit & Sawdust - Spit Clip

    South Wales heads at Spit and Sawdust filmed by Harry Deane! Featuring Tom Bailey, Ethan Watkins, Div Adam, Matt Davies, Kev Barry, Ben Morris, Daniel Hill, Jake Collins, Nathan Pritchard, PJ, Ben Broyd, Leo Comanescu, Jim Silver, Jack Steele, Mike Ridout, Mike Hellier, Jess Young and Lloyd Houston.

    Have a read of the Spit and Sawdust interview from our Skater Owned Skateparks series here.

  • Scum on the Run Manchester

    The Scum team in Manchester shot by Forde Brookfield - Including plenty of new Nick Remon and Ben Grove footage!